Smoothie Bar Recipes

I just opened a smoothie bar - I'm looking for good combinations of superfoods and fruit. Such as oranges with Baobab powder, or chocolate with maca. Things that taste good together or have a medicinal reason to be together. Trying to build smoothie recipes revolving around superfoods and benefits.



  • One of the healthiest smoothie recipes w/ in depth explanation for each ingredient.
    Look up Ben Greenfield smoothies too.

    You could always add a stevia leaf as sweetener if you grow or have access to the plant, or use the powder or monk fruit to sweeten. Fresh ground clove/nutmeg/allspice or mace have a lot of benefits while also giving a pumpkin spice flavor, maybe even add some pumpkin seeds. The smoothies will need more masking of the taste but broccoli sprouts(or any sprouts) are very nutritious. Anytime I use cacao powder I'll add some cordyceps mushroom powder since they have the same bitter/coffee taste. I'll also throw in chia seeds or an avocado to any smoothie I make for a bit more thickness and source of omega 3's and fiber. Hydrolyzed collagen powder is easy to mix in smoothies without making it gelatinous.

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