Choline or Acetylcholine Dominance – Causes, Solution


I've been searching the web for choline/acetylcholine dominance and it led me to this forum where there are relevant threads and people who might help me find an answer.

It looks like I'm choline dominant, and I don't know why. Even one egg yolk is enough to make my muscles in my hands and legs tight, my jaw tight, and me feeling incredibly foggy and sleepy. I'm prescribed Nuvigil (150 mg) for hypersomnia so it's pretty easy for me to recognize the onset of brain fog and sleepiness caused right after ingesting something. I take the Nuvigil along with green tea every morning.

Whenever this happens I have to take Piracetam; and within an hour or so I'm back to normal (with my adrenals crying out load). I get the same effect of too much choline/acetylcholine from Phosphatidylserine, high dose fish oil, ALCAR, CDP-Choline. I don't get the same symptoms from L-Carnitine Fumarate or just L-Carnitine so I take that instead of the ALCAR.

I have the following questions which I hope someone can help me with:

  1. Is anyone here this much choline dominant that one egg yolk can pretty much screw up your day? Could it be the Nuvigil or green tea that I take everyday which might be raising Ach and anything cholinergic over it exceeds my body's threshold and gives me the symptoms? It's just strange to be so sensitive to choline.

I wonder if I should take Piracetam for a month to burn the excess choline that might have accumulated because of past supplementation with fish oil, or maybe I have less of acetylcholinesterase or a methylation block (??) or my body just likes to produce choline.

  1. Is Piracetam the only choice to take during such a trigger? It seems to work well, but I'm afraid to take it since I'm already taking Nuvigil and some caffeine to stay awake enough to function in this world. (Piracetam + Nuvigil + Caffeine (~ 100-150 mg/day) = Excitotoxic?). Afraid to take anticholinergics because I don't want to get more sleepy than I already am.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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