Where is everyone? Old timers? BP forum diluted?



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    @Skeletor I've had a rough few years. At the time I stopped checking the forum the combination of this god-awful color scheme, the insane political discussions, and Dave's march towards the re-branding and commercialization of woo for the discerning skeptic became so disheartening I completely wiped this forum from my memory. Which might not have been the best move long term, though it was necessary at the time. Ironically I can trace the beginnings of this nearly 3 year downward spiral to a mold issue in the HVAC of the house I use to live in, of all things. Unfortunately at the time when a forum like this should have been the most useful resource in my attempt to recover it had already began its irreversible decline and was contributing to my own.

    Apologies to anyone that feels this is a bit harsh, nostalgia is slightly bitter these days.

    Anyone who would like to stay in touch can request my contact info in a private message, catching up would be cool. Also, I recommend that anyone who found value in the discussions that were had during the forum's golden age take the opportunity to archive it offline for posterity, and let us all know if you do so. If the decline continues on its present trajectory we would be foolish to depend on indefinite hosting, particularly considering the strong opinions that were often voiced here. I shall attempt to do so myself once I expand storage capacity on my home workstation, and will update this thread once successful.

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    Sorry to hear that things have been rough, sparefilms. I've missed your contributions to the forum. Your posts were always insightful.

    I agree that backing up forum content is a good idea--no telling how long it might remain available online.

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    I'm doing well, have never felt better even. Can't say I'm 'bulletproof' anymore, now merely focusing on getting the right amount/timing of sunshine and CT. Food is secondary. Two years ago I would've thought that was nonsense, but then again one's mind can play a lot of tricks. I think the whole supplement-business (including the paleo part of it) is just as bad as McDonalds. Oh well, when there's money to be made, misinformation is abound. I can't be bothered by it anymore. Put your limited energy in yourself.

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    @Skeletor (ORIGINALLY FROM APRIL 19)

    Thanks for calling me out. Yes, I have a lot to say on the matter. I just came on today to ask some specific questions about polyphenols, which I will do presently. I asked a few questions a few months back, but didn't get too many answers (though some).

    My main complaint with the forum is that there were way too many "diverse" "opinions" that went against the tenets of BP, especially by the regulars who had kind of assumed the position of "gurus" but really amounted to something more resembling "trolls." From day 1, I did not find confrontations with these individuals very fun, because there should have been some sancrosanct tenets of the Bulletproof Diet that are supposed to be a springboard for further discovery, not this free-for-all we had going.

    One huge example of inappropriately controversial topics was calorie counting, which the majority of the regulars were pushing. This was in stark contrast with the spirit of Dave's message, which hurts the brand and the movement. In fact, it quite pissed me off, because I was getting shouted down on the subject on a regular basis. Blew my mind honestly. Everyone kept trying to remake the Bulletproof lifestyle in their own image, insisting it was what Dave would want. I'm like "huh? I guess that's how it's gonna be" and pretty much left after on-and-off getting into a rage over it.

    And no, the Bulletproof story isn't over or completely told yet, and not everyone has accepted it. Where do you live, Skeletor? Silicon Valley? I haven't even convinced my parents to stop drinking Diet Coke, here in Baltimore. There are people that can still be reached, I believe. The sad thing is that most people will not adjust their diet until they develop food allergies or they get very sick with a digestive disorder—this in turn makes their voice not as effective when they start evangelizing, because they have so many preexisting health problems that are detractors, sometimes the diet doesn't benefit them as much (talking about myself here). They either change their lifestyle when they get sick, or when it is presented to them on the TV (fake) news or on the cover of Time magazine—when media is forced to agree with something actually true and useful because neglecting to do so would completely destroy their credibility and relevance.

    I am very glad to see that the Bulletproof blog is putting out a lot of new content, including full articles continuing to dismantle: 1) calorie counting and 2) the prevailing (the spell has not been broken) low saturated fat, 3) calorie-counting (said again for emphasis), and 4) steady-state cardio, garbage dogma of conventional wisdom in health. This is the purpose of Bulletproof—to countervail the narrative of lies we've been fed and continue to be fed, while still refining and perfecting the method as new discoveries are made (such as resistant starch and adrenal fatigue/gut disruptions from going too low-carb).

    I might seem that I'm too dogmatic from this post and all my others—but I assure you I'm not. I've actually have started using Gerson protocol (juicing) and coffee enemas in the last few months with incredible results. I had been having chronic pancreatitis and heart arrythmias before doing this, and they have all but vanished, because of the biliary duct cleanse that resulted from this incredibly effective therapy of coffee enemas particularly.

    Looking at the current landscape of health and the future for a second: The looming issue of 5G is something that troubles me greatly. Mercola has done a lot of great work in this arena. I hope that Dave will continue to address these issues that affect regular lower-middle class folks like me, instead of all this time he spends talking about augmenting his brain and injecting himself with stem cells. (There's some non-Asprey worship to show I'm not a total sycophant.)

    My message to Dave is: Stick to the basic lifestyle advice and dietary hacks that we can all afford. That was his original mission. But again, I have no complaints about his blog. Everything is good there, as it continues to reinforce and assist with the day-to-day stuff we all deal with as we continue the BP lifestyle (which I still do, because the framework for self-care it points you toward is without equal—Mercola, SelfHacked, and Dr. Axe (who helped me cure gout in 48 hours after I got a horrible uric acid imbalance after my enemas) being close runner-ups).

    So, in short, it's great that the forum has matured to a place where people aren't just out here making it up and throwing around their own interpretations without qualifying that this is their own opinion—especially vast departures. Even I have departed, but at least I'm coming here in the spirit of "I am in opposition to this tenet" or "this supplement/product does not work for me—why?" So many times, I was shouted down and alienated for sticking to the company line, with little to no intervention from moderators. In fact, many of the moderators piled on and attacked me. Conversely to my point, there have been times regulars and moderators have all but bullied me to get back on the reservation, like when I was complaining about my awful reactions to MCT oil (which I still highly recommend most people avoid). The times I was questioning something like this (probably because of my very fragile system and tons of food sensitivities), I got called orthorexic and even crazy (though never that by moderators). Yeah I don't miss that.

    ****UPDATE June 19****
    I abandoned this post 2 months ago, because I anticipated that it would most likely stir up the same kind of strife that regular "trolls" seemed to thrive on, ironically causing a resurgence of the forum through the controversy—just watch and see it happen after I post this. I wasn't in a position time, energy, or health-wise (was deep into the Gerson protocol) to invest energy in defending my positions as the responses started rolling in, with the kind of fervor and urrrrrrrgh-ness I usually can muster. Actually, I was in the middle of doing coffee enemas that helped so much, but I had some resulting mineral and electrolyte imbalances to deal with. All is so much better now, by the way.

    Anyway, the point was I like the forum better with people who are fulfilling the purpose of this forum—to provide supplemental and specific advice to those who wish to execute the Bulletproof approach properly. That's all and everything that matters. Free speech is great, but in this arena, only in "moderation" (i.e., with moderators who do their job). Props to Dave though, to some extent, for being so open to differing opinions. It is clear that he is a true free thinker and First Amendment proponent.

    All of that said though, it's really exhausting jumping into the fray over and over again, only to be shouted down for toeing the line on calories and cardio (the 2 C's). It's really ridiculous the kind of crap that has gone down on these forums. I wouldn't be surprised if this comment got moderated, actually.

    Hehe, we'll see. Hopefully some of you agree with me.

  • @Modern Life Survivalist

    I hope I'm not the troll you're referring to. And I am sorry about the way you feel about how you have been treated on these boards. I have enjoyed reading your posts over the years. I won't mention calories ;)

    Make, [then,] thyself to grow to the same stature as the Greatness which transcends all measure; leap forth from every body; transcend all Time; become Eternity; and [thus] shalt thou know God. Conceiving nothing is impossible unto thyself, think thyself deathless and able to know all,—all arts, all sciences, the way of every life.  – Corpus Hermeticum XI “The Mind of Hermes”

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    It's just like old times, guys!! lol

    "I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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    @Jason Miller said:
    @Bull of Heaven No, he just has issues with science so he calls it trolling, likely referring to me haha.

    There is conflicting science everywhere. Everyone agrees with this. You are oversimplifying, as usual. Demagoguery to the max. You're supposed to refer people to the science that the site's founder agrees with in his literature and media. Not the stuff that he has repeatedly demonstrated as manipulated and skewed.

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    @Jason Miller said:
    Wow, every one of those sentences is absolutely shocking, it would be so much easier if got even one thing right.

    Because science.

  • @Mrsfloyd said:
    Yes, good thread Daz!

    I see I'm not the only one who has wondered this.

    For those in the know: Are Dave's products still of the same quality we are used to? Is the manufacturing process the same? I am a bit worried, having seen his products sold at Whole Foods. :cold_sweat:

    I imagine there has been a deluge of threads asking basic questions (due to the mainstreaming of BP,) that may have turned off some of the vets.

    I miss seeing lots of responses to lots of good threads of varying topics by people who really think. :disappointed:

    I think it is not necessarily a bad thing he is putting more of his products in stores. He is a business man and on to something when it comes to his discoveries. His goal is to inspire others, just as Atkins once did, to think outside the diet box and train our bodies to burn differently. The more good PR he gets, the more he can produce high quality products in bulk as his customer base expands. Just as you order from a warehouse, other people should be able to get his stuff on shelves. And Whole Foods market is not the worst place it could be sold. I say that would make me trust his stuff more.

    God bless you!

  • I was on here a ton for several years. I loved it, and visited every day, posting a lot.. but eventually I stopped. There wasn't one big event or decision behind it... Perhaps I drifted because most of my big lifestyle/diet questions had been answered, and I didn't need new information as much?

    Also - the vast majority of you regulars are men, and I remember that became a factor for me. I remember noticing the male-male camaraderie and familiarity growing among you- but as a woman I felt not exactly "avoided" but not as much embraced as I imagine I would have been with a different name. Not saying this as a complaint, but to answer the OP's question fully.

    How am I doing? I'm doing well and living pretty Bulletproof. I go to the Bulletproof Cafe and the Labs sometimes. My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is now undetectable, antibodies-wise. I'm also happy with my body's capabilities at my age (late 40's) - I do trapeze, silks, hand balancing, and some acrobatics, and I'm often one of the stronger students even though I could be the mother of most of them.

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