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I've been thinking about trying out the Qualia Stack from the neurohacker collective (maybe with added iodine and creatine, beta-alanine, whey protein, collagen, and fish oil around strength training.) Have any of you experimented with this stack? It's pricy, but full of goodies.




  • Well, I splurged and picked up a 30d stash. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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    Qualia - Day 1 review:

    I wasn't sure what I was in for with the various stimulant-esque ingredients and long list of random things like Noopept & a "co-crystal combination of caffeine and pterostilbene", so I skipped my morning coffee and did 3x caps of the "Step One." Around 30m in, I was underwhelmed, then by 60m in I was glad I didn't throw coffee on top -- there was maybe a slight increase in mood / sensory acuity. The L-theanine was noticeable, as always when that's in a new stack and I haven't taken it a while... this sort of blocks my ability to focus intensely on code, and I'd rather just sort of sit back and listen to a podcast. Around lunch time, I had 6x caps of Step Two and went for a walk. After coming back, I was feeling like I needed a nap and hungry for a second lunch (which is kind of unusual for me.) This feeling persisted through my afternoon coffee, and I've skipped my workout for the day. Today was semi-productive, but nothing amazing. Skipping my morning coffee might have set me up for a lazy day. I'm going to take a caffeine break over the weekend and try again on Monday. Then maybe lower the dosage.

    So far, I've found this supplement surprisingly chill, when I was expecting extra energy / motivation / focus. I'm feeling the lithium and theanine in the supplement stack more than anything else. I'm going to soak up sleep like a sponge tonight.

  • Thanks for starting this thread.

    Here's a short summary of my experience with Qualia, after using it for a month+:

    Over the month, I've had noticeable improvements in the quality of my sleep, the focus I bring to my work/life and the calmness I have. I've noticed that I have more "intelligent" thoughts (e.g. about time/space/universe), and get caught up lesser on the day-to-day dramas of life.

    I'm also into meditative practices; I've observed that Qualia increases the amount of time I spend in pure consciousness states.

    With Qualia, I don't need to worry about the myriad of pills/supplements that I should take. I trust the product and the team there to do that research, and I'm happy to pay them for their time.

    Overall, I highly recommend it. I'm continuing my subscription.

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    Minor hiccup. When they mention taking Step 2 with a meal, that is probably for the best. Experimenting with some new ideas for nutrient timing, I did intra-workout carbs via a tablespoon of Navitas Pomegranate powder with my BCAAs, using 3x Qualia Step 1 as a pre-workout, then chased this with a post-workout apple + whey protein shake, a capsule of alpha lipoic acid, 6x Qualia Step Two, and brewed up my morning coffee. 30m later, nausea / blood sugar issues ensued. This workout was pretty lame using the intra-workout carbs (granted, I get more of a pump.) I blame the ALA / Carbs much more than the qualia for the issues, as well as my own fault for not heeding their directions properly. It was a bit like taking Zinc and Na-R-ALA on an empty stomach -- comically uncomfortable. There's a bit of a tangible fuzziness or heaviness to my head -- I get this from theanine whenever I first start using it, then it goes away. Almost like a weird bloodflow thing. So far, I'm not particularly impressed.

    Tomorrow, I'll dial back to 2x step One and 4x step Two (after a large meal.) A small piece of fruit for breakfast (post-workout) with whey and ALA seems to be a particularly bad spot for me to put carbs (The more you know.) I'll have to move that morning coffee out later into the afternoon. Perhaps I am better having carbs near the tail end of a higher fat meal near the end of the day rather than messing with these low-fat PWO meals / peri-workout carbs / refeeds, then I can put a greater emphasis on caloric manipulation itself for desired body comp rather than per-meal macro / meal composition.

    I'm optimistic I'll find a good groove once I get this regimen fully dialed in. I might also experiment with just Step One vs Step Two to get a better feel for these two.

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    Today was a great day. 2x Qualia Step 1, 4x Qualia Step 2 after a meal. I still find Step 2 a little sedating -- more sedating than my coffee is stimulating. This was a productive work day with an excellent workout and a great mood all day. I'm sleeping like a rock lately. I feel like I'm right in sync with Spring rolling around the corner.

    I propose a reformulation into 3 doses. Step 1 -- Fasted (?) Step 2 --With a meal in the afternoon (energy blend.) Step 3 -- Before bed (chill relaxation blend.)

    I'll do one more post when I finish up the supplement with final thoughts. On Cambridgebrainsciences, I'm in the top 1%, with today hitting my highest score to date. I'm not sure if there's a correlation there, but this supplement certainly isn't hurting cognitive performance.

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    Alright, I'm just about through this supplement stack.

    I've gotta say, overall... I'm not a fan. I feel like I would probably get more out of just a quality Ginseng / adaptogen supplement, a well-formulated B-vitamin, or something more targeted. I tried it at higher doses and very low dosages, and more often than not didn't dig it... particularly, the longer I was taking it.


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