Organic Butter & MCT Powder?

I'm going to be doing an extended trip for about 2-4 months travelling around SE Asia. Needless to say, it will be difficult carrying around a stick of butter from airport to airport. Has anyone tried using organic butter power? Hossier Hill Farms has good reviews and while it's not quite the same as grass-fed butter, it could be a reasonable facsimile (like using powered creamer instead of milk, yuk!).

I was also thinking about Quest Nutrition's MCT Powdered Oil -- I'm going to be bouncing around a lot so this would be the way to go.

Has anyone considered or tried this? It's certainly not optimal, but I'm looking for a long-term solution as I'll be on the road so much.



  • Okay, so with a bit more searching around, I've come across Green Pasture's X-Factor Gold Butter Oil capsules. While it's now raw, it's grass-fed and certainly better than powdered. Has anyone ever tried this before? Depending on the taste, the butter oil capsules (along with powdered MCT) may work well as a bulletproof travel solution!

  • Maybe you can try Buffalo Butter. It is more common in Asia. It has more vitamin a, calcium and is richer in minerals then cow butter.
    Has more fat but lower cholesterol. Because of it is increased calcium amount the color is more whiter then cow butter.

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    Okay, so I tried Nutrabio's MCT Powder. I got this one because it doesn't have any other ingredients. Big fail. it's gritty, chalky and disgusting. I don't know if its the maltodextrin used in the freeze drying process or not, and I don't care. Back to square one.

    I was doing this to try to keep my costs down and not have to lug a bottle around, especially when I have a carry-on bag only. But it looks like I'm going to be relying on the travel sized packets of MCT oil with butter combined if I can find them. Any suggestions are most appreciated!

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