Whey + Collagen together?

cortextcortext ✭✭
edited February 2017 in The Bulletproof Diet

I find the taste of collagen kind of nasty (I don't see how you guys sneak any meaningful quantity into coffee), whereas I find Whey protein delicious. NaturalStacks has a 2:1 Whey : Collagen blend using the same Whey as Dave (ProSerum).

Do these amino acids compete for uptake -- am I better off just doing PWO whey or pre-workout Collagen (or wherever I can sneak it in my diet), or does it make sense to stack Whey + Collagen together?

I've seen that Whey + Casein often looks superior to just using Whey (often with more casein than whey.) Although, casein is rich in BCAAs and slow-absorbing, while Hydrolyzed gelatin might be a sort of "Nitrogen Spiking" type of additive. If I recall, Glycine helps to boost glutathione and recycle methionine, while proline is cardioprotective. What are your thoughts?

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