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So, I splurged and picked up the Mass-Building eBook from Charles Poliquin & Tim Ferris. To be honest, it's a lot of the same stuff you read everywhere else, but I am happy to support the guy and did find some cool tips and tricks.

I was surprised that neither Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, or Betaine, etc. made his supplement recommendations list for the eBook. Instead, the suggestions were more focused on mental endurance (eg. ALCAR, Tyrosine, alpha-GPC, etc.)

One thing Poliquin recommended was a particular blend of EAAs and BCAAs. He likes the BCAAs from ATPLab and the EAAs from bodysystemslabs (which includes a pinch of cane sugar?)

I'm currently using Scivation Xtend Free with fasted morning training. I've also dabbled with BioSteel HPSM, Thorne Aminos, and NutraBio IntraBlast (which includes stucralose + ace-K), and Post-Jym Active Matrix Natural. I've tried later fed training, but it just doesn't work as well for me.

I'm curious if any of these blends sound particularly effective:

50 / 50 ATP Lab iBCAA / bsl EAAs (as recommended in the eBook)
50 / 50 ATP Lab iBCAA / NutraBio IntraBlast (unflavored)
50 / 50 NutraBio IntraBlast (unflavored) / bsl EAAs
50 / 50 NutraBio IntraBlast (unflavored) / BioSteel HPSM
... Some other blend? (Maybe with Ketone Salts or Some low-GI form of carbohydrate, or with something else on top? I've had great anecdotal experiences with SuperStarch, but in the back of my head, this stuff is basically corn starch and might have some potential for messing up lipids or metabolism.)

I'm curious to hear others thoughts on this.

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