Fat Loss on Keto

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Hi Everyone,

Could you please share a resource with me on the following question if you have a link to something handy?

Even in Ketosis do you need to eat less calories than you expend in order to lose fat?

Is there any sort of adaptation time period before you can just eat as much fat as you want and you can still lose weight?



  • Everything I've read says do not count calories. And, so far, that's been true for me (which is REALLY saying something). I've actually found that on days I thought I had eaten waaay to much fat and calories, I've actually lost more weight than on days I hadn't. I think you have to just trust the process. That's been my experience. And I'm a forty four year old woman who does not lose easily. I've lost more in three weeks on this program than I did in the six months I did weight watchers.

  • I am new to the bulletproof coffee regime, but not unfamiliar to ketosis. just the same I am very reluctant to eating all that fat. I have incorporated the Brain Octane and do intermittent fasting, fasted workouts, and HIIT. I wonder if maintaining a low carb <40 g and increasing protein and fat will also yield the same benefits. I am 60 y.o. and have done all the diets . recently had a back injury and it is taking some time to get back to where I was.

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