Cold Smoked Foods, Activated Charcoal

Hey y'all - I was curious if anyone might be able to answer this question for me: are there any known negative effects of cold smoking foods before eating them? I have a cold smoker (The Smoking Gun) that essentially just blows smoke from wood chips onto food to impart a smokey flavor without raising the temperature significantly, maybe a couple degrees. I'm curious as to whether there is any research on the health effects of that micro-smoke material being consumed with any regularity. Given that charcoal has medicinal properties of binding toxins, might this process be similar and even beneficial? This is working with the presumption that the wood is natural, clean, untreated, etc. Thanks so much!



  • Well...looks like a pretty old unanswered question, also my concern.

    From what I understand, any smoke, carries a large amounts of carcinogens, which we all know are very bad for you. I know Dave has talked about not having barbecued Meats but mentioned because of the high heat and the charred meat. I suspect also because of the smoke....but I love the flavor so much I suppose I'm really here looking for someone to co-sign my bullshit and give me an excuse to eat some good smoked food, lol.

  • According to The National Center for Home Food Preservation, cold smoked meat is not something that should be attempted at home. Most food scientists cannot recommend cold-smoking methods because of the inherent risks. Cold smoked meat should only be attempted by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified personnel to ensure it is safely prepared.

  • Food expert can not allow cold smoked meat in the sense that it carry's a lot of risk, experts deals with such issues.
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