Nice Yerba Mate coffee alternative

edited February 2017 in Bulletproof Coffee

I found a yerba mate blend that makes a very good coffee stand-in, it brews dark and flavorful with a balanced chocolate/earthy flavor. It pairs perfectly with butter and brain octane, and doesn't have that watery consistency I usually get when trying to make bulletproof teas. I generally do Dave's original blend but I've been using this 1-2 times a week. Check it out if you want some variety or as a backup in between shipments of coffee. I brew it at 180 degrees for five minutes, using 3tbsp for ~30oz water (this is for two people, 1-2tbsp would be plenty for one serving). The blend uses a smoked mate if you're concerned about the whole mouth cancer thing, but I believe that concern to be overblown. It also has Siberian ginseng so it's an extra source of adaptogens, although I'm not sure how much you effectively get from brewing and drinking as a tea.

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