The Bulletproof rewards points system - wtf?

First, I searched for other threads on this topic and couldn't find any, so apologies if I missed something obvious.

over the last year I've accumulated a lot of points on this site so I began to explore how to redeem them. Wow, after doing so I'm terribly disappointed in this site and Dave Asprey. Why?

First, you can't just use your points. You gotta jump through social media hoops to move up to different levels in their rewards system, which starts at Rising and ends at Expert. But their system isn't smart enough to understand when you've left product reviews, or liked them on facebook or followed them on twitter. Their customer support folks are helpful with adding these things to your account, but then to move to higher levels you have to use referral codes to invite people to buy from the site. Basically they are turning their rewards system into a kind of network marketing scheme. I think that sucks.

But here's where it gets better. I was finally designed as "rising" so I looked to see what I can buy with my points. Answer: not a single product. They have some lame informational products (2 to be precise) that are available for purchase. So they've crafted the program that it won't cost them anything to let you redeem points. They just give you access to pre-recorded digital media. How generous of them.

But wait, there's more! I asked what is available for purchase at the highest level of the program that is not available at the Rising level. Is it even worth it to go through all this hassle? Here's what the rep emailed back:

"the product selections do not open up as the account moves up the tier ranks - They are the same for Rising as for the Expert level. "

are you freaking kidding me? So why in the hell would anyone go to the trouble of doing the required tasks to get to Expert if they can't use their points for anything other than what's available at Rising, which is basically not a damn thing?

This is without a doubt the lamest, dumbest, most ill-conceived and insulting customer 'rewards' program I've ever witnessed. It makes the airlines with their blackout dates look incredibly generous. I can't believe someone thought this made sense, and I'm profoundly disappointed in Asprey for approving it. I've long had the belief that I would shop here when I could to support Asprey's work, but this is so stupid and insulting that I'm going to adopt the opposite perspective. I'll only buy here if I can't find viable alternatives elsewhere. Way to go guys, if your goal of this rewards program was to create something that is the definition of insipid, and to alienate loyal customers, you squarely hit the mark. Congratulations.


  • I second this- and its tough that it takes 10-14 days for deliveries to NYC. In a world of Amazon Prime and Blue Apron and stuff like that, maybe they should think about Bulletproof'ing their commerce. It sucks.

  • This is without a doubt the lamest, dumbest, most ill-conceived and insulting customer 'rewards' program I've ever witnessed. It makes the airlines with their blackout dates look incredibly generous.


  • Rewards points? Unbelievable. Dave Asprey is making so much money on his products. Why can't he give his loyal customers a break? I find his so called "rewards" program very annoying.

  • I don't want to dog pile on too much because I'm grateful for the work Dave does and I have definitely benefited from his work, and products, but I can't help but concur with you all that the "Rewards" (not quite the name I'd give the program) is not showing us any "love" or appreciation for our business. Would rather not have a program at all. I have over 15,000 points now and NOTHING can be applied at checkout. Can't believe we have to "share" purchases to get to new levels to promote his products, and then really don't get much, if anything for a reward. Would rather earn free shipping. Related to that too, I've started buying my Brain Octane etc through Amazon Prime, at the same, or better prices. Sorry, Dave but you could listen to us occasionally.

  • Mathes: Thanks for taking the time to share the convoluted rip-off of a saga that it is. Saved me some time. I would prefer no reward points program to this POC. I just tried redeeming my reward points on an order. The first woman who answered Kendra struggled with my request probably because of her screaming children in the background. She then put me on hold for 10 min before I hung up. I can only presume that she was trying to quiet them down. So I called back and a man answered but didn't identify himself by name. When I asked his name, he went silent for a few seconds and then reluctantly said his name was Tyler. I told him I was making a purchase and wanted to figure out how to redeem my points, well...he couldn't wait to send me to technical support where I sat on hold for another 10 minutes...weary, I hung up.

    Rune: I am with you, I would prefer to have no program at all. The profit margins are very healthy on his products, I know because I have been in this industry.

    Also, given Dave security background, you would think security would be top of mind. My credit card was corrupted twice by them. The letter I received from their COO Anne Collins is extremely confusing and left me needing some FREE 40 years of whatever that program is.

  • Dave is a huckster, and I feel him to lack integrity.

  • I agree. The Bulletproof points are totally, wholly useless. I haven't been able to use them for anything. Once they took them away from me too and I had to email them to get them back, because they expire. With all due respect, I love Bulletproof products, despite them being over expensive, but GET RID OF THIS REWARDS SYSTEM BECAUSE THERE ARE NO REWARDS! It makes me really angry that they even pretend these points get you anything. They get you ZERO. Don't waste your time trying to get referrals and all that, it's a complete and total waste.

  • Maybe we should find alternative coffee so they will listen? I love this coffee also but this rewards program seems offensive. Do they even care?

  • It would be cool to have the ability to use points on all products, but the nice thing is that you can use your rewards points to take off any dollar amount you can afford with the points. So when I bought the vibe, I was able to save a couple hundred dollars. I always thought I will never have 300,000 points for the vibe, but you can use any amount of points you have towards those "Exclusive" products.

  • Mr. Asprey - for a guy who talks a lot about karma and healthy living, how could you bring yourself and your organization to such stoop level to have this ridiculous reward point system?! I shake my head in awe and disappointment, #davidasprey

  • Just to add one more aye to the chorus, I've experienced so many headaches with these rewards points over the years. Every time I try to use them, I run into some different obstacle, and when I contact Bulletproof staff about them, the rules keep changing every time, and the things you can use those points for keep disappearing.

  • Yeah, most reward point programs are lame. I'm just shocked that Asprey, who preaches good will to everyone and seems so fair minded, has one of them. It makes you feel duped and angry and messes with your gratitude quotient. B)

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