Help me hack these moles, please?!

Hi everyone,

So,about 2 years ago (during a stressful period in my life) all of a sudden I started to develop these huge brown spots/moles on my back and they've quickly spread to my legs,arms and chest (cleavage area).
Shortly after I quit whatever natural sugar I had in my diet and since switching to a more Bulletproof framework beginning this year (which meant dropping the goat cheese and potatos), it seems that formation of these these big ones has stopped. However I find,so it seems, that tiny small ones (spots) are still popping up all over my body. This seems to happen predominantly during the first half of my cycle. (probably also due to the fact that my BM's are even slower/less frequent/smaller amount than usual. :/ )
I feel like I'm becoming a human Dalmatian and I used to have a clear skin. :"( (I feel like I'm cursed to ever look pretty...or even normal for that matter. Before this it was unwanted body hair which is mostly gone,except for face/chin.)

Does anyone know what's causing it...more importantly how to stop and how I can possibly get rid of these (especially the ones in the cleavage area)? (...laser surgery is not an option bc I can't afford it and ACV only works on raised moles.Mine are not raised)

Currently, I use Lemon oil daily and I rub the excess oil on some of these big moles on my chest and legs,but nothing seems to be changing.

About 7 years ago it was indicated that I have Lyme disease with probable Co-Infections and viruses, though the regular tests didn't show and I was diagnosed with MS.
From what I've seen these big moles look kinda similar to 'Bartonella spots" (and I also happen to have stretch marks,common in Bartonella, all over my belly though I've never been pregnant). Though I have no idea if I have Bartonella, but I show many of the symptoms. I'm not financially capable anymore to have any testing and treatment done, not even regular medical care.
But I've also read that thyroid disorders,adrenals,liver problems can all cause such things so I'm at a total loss of what to do that'll get me positive remaining results. (my fat (and water?) in middle section just wont budge,bloating,thinning hair on my head,facial hairgrowth,for some reason itching all over that starts at night when I'm in bed, no lunula on fingernails except for tiny ones on my thumbs most of the time...)

It seems to be a multi-systemic malfunction. I often ask myself why I even bother to eat Bulletproof, bc I currently feel no desire at all for turning 180 (...or just reach an old age),like Dave wants to...
Through the years I've already gotten quite skilled at letting go of the hopes,dreams and desires which I used to have but there's still one thing I would like to experience (preferably more times...but those are just details;)) ...after that they can have me as far as I'm concerned now.

end rant (I'm sorry...most of the time I'm not such a Wendy Whiner.)


  • I think you should stop putting on lemon oil, citrus oils are photosensitizing. It does sound like an adrenal+thyroid+liver thing. I think you should first focus on de-stressing, that's a big deal. I understand you want to get rid of the moles but they are a sign of a bigger issue. Have you looked into adaptogens.

  • @cowsnake I just recently started using lemon oil,the moles already existed long before. I started the lemon oil (topically) not for the moles, but bc it detoxifies the liver and I was experiencing major symptoms of estrogen dominance/low progesterone and citrus fruits have estrogen blocking properties. I just use the little bit of spare oil I have left on some of the moles. The citrus oils are photo sensitizing when out in the open sun afterwards, I put it on in the evening and sometimes just one drop in the morning when I feel the need to. The sun currently isn't shining here anyway.
    As far as de-stressing, I have a very low level stress life so I don't think actual stress isn't the problem. However I think stress is created within these organs,probably by all kinds of infections and what not. That's the culprit,I can't get tested or medical help for that.

    Besides that, I like its fresh smell and it instantly lifts my mood when I put some on (with some CO as carrier).
    I had a giftvoucher and there was a sale from that site,so along with my Chlorella I ordered some Choline Bitartrate powder and N-Acetyl-Cysteine powder to aid my liver in I think it's just too overburdened (from all the pathogens?).
    I think I really need to focus on my liver and give it some TLC and hopefully that'll lighten the load on the other organs as well.....and in the best case scenario I lose the belly pudge and bloatedness and hopefully the moles!
    The most unstable factor in all of this,is keeping the gut/BM moving daily,since one day of constipation already causes damage and that is something that I just can not seem to get a handle on especially during the first part of my cycle, no matter what diet,supplements,probiotics etc.I try.

  • Yes constipation, we don't want that. I have an ongoing issue with it, I'm sure you already know the magnesium, probiotic, etc solutions. Have you tried sole water--its basically salt saturated water. First thing in the morning, before anything else, guaranteed to make you go. For the hormones, have you considered maca. I've started taking that recently for fatigue but it balances out all endocrine problems, I've read.

  • @cowsnake said:
    Yes constipation, we don't want that. I have an ongoing issue with it, I'm sure you already know the magnesium, probiotic, etc solutions. Have you tried sole water--its basically salt saturated water. First thing in the morning, before anything else, guaranteed to make you go. For the hormones, have you considered maca. I've started taking that recently for fatigue but it balances out all endocrine problems, I've read.

    I've been rubbing on some magnesium oil almost every night before going to bed for a couple of years. Probiotics are a staple in my daily supplement regimen as well.
    There are so many things I've tried....increase water/decrease water,high fiber/low fiber,supposedly easily digested proteins. I don't know why this keeps happening,but the 3rd day of the cycle is always guaranteed to leave me constipated. Sometimes,I wish I could just quit eating&drinking all together forever. (...and then you have various people on YT stuffing their faces with crap doing 10.000Cal.challenges,looking good,having a nice life,living their lives etc.)

    Years ago I've tried Maca and it didn't have a great effect on me. (I suspect it suppressed my thyroid (even more))
    Most of the things I try either impact me negatively or they just have no results....(I have so many stocked up opened packages&bottles in my kitchen cabinet that were just useless or detrimental.)

  • I understand. I don't remember a time when constipation hasn't been a problem for me. Its gotten loads better in recent years but if I don't go for one day it throws me off and makes me anxious. The one real solution personally that I've found is regular exercise........ the one thing I just cannot seem to do consistently. This sole thing, please look it up though, its definitely works at least for now. I just cannot believe there are so many people who are sedentary, eat like crap, and are regular as clockwork every day.....and here I am, haha.

    The maca, were you taking it raw. You shouldn't take it raw! Its traditionally used in baked goods and heating it deals with the goitrogens. I use a gelatinized powder in water. I do have another raw powder product that I will only use to make brownies or whatever.

  • That's a possible reason for the Maca,bc I just dissolved it into some water and throw it down. Years ago,I've tried one of these Paleo baking wannabees and it did not end up well. So,after that I decided I wasn't going to try to bake these wannabe-bakings anymore. (My father was a baker,so I grew up with the real things....these wannabe-bakings just don't compare and thus do not take away possible cravings for me.)

    Yeah,I take salt (a combo of sea salt and Himalayan salt) in the morning with my supplements,water/tea,gelatin gummies. It does not really do much for me,though if I were to stop my BM's probably completely stop. I have to eat so much salt everyday on my food,it's just ridiculous.
    I'm not a sedentary person at all,though since starting Bulletproof I had to scale down going to the gym (and the exercises I do) ...which in a way I like,bc it leaves me with more 'free days' (though I usually do a couple of kettlebell swings on those days at home) but I also don't like it. It used to be a weekly pattern/rhytmn for me and now also when I'm there I feel I'm not really doing anything bc I'm too afraid to exert myself,so I've most likely some of the strenght&stamina that I built through the years.
    The only thing that's the same throughout these times,is that I don't see results......I don't really look like I exercise/lift. :(
    Apart from that,my bicycle and walking are my means of transportation and I have a standing-desk at home. So,I almost never sit down.....I have a couch,which functions as a holder for my bags and jacket. ;)

  • I found this video on moles! Maybe it will click w you

  • Thanks @Cowsnake :)
    I'd seen that video too a while ago. The thing is that I don't eat any sugar (unless we're also counting the little amount of net.carbs from veggies) and I'm not a snacker/grazing either.

    I actually noticed that I have 2 types of moles (the big more oval ones from the picture. and tiny perfectly round specs such as seen on the picture of the video.)
    I suspect both types have another root cause.

  • Might be from high insulin from protein intake, I think I have that. I have reactive hypoglycemia, and all the advice tells me to stop eating sugar/carbs but I don't eat that much carbs either..... but if I eat a substantial protein serving I will literally pass out within an hour. Its a very big interference on life I'll put it that way. I tried to look up more info on protein to sugar conversion or the body reading protein intake needing an insulin surge but theres very little out there.

  • According to some keto macros I'm consuming way too much protein. I try to keep it around 120 grams (I only count animal protein) and try to not go above 130,but below 120 doesn't seem to work for me. I can ocassionally be a little lower,but certainly not below 110.
    It's maybe also one of the reasons why I'm not losing any of my fat/pudge. (Honestly,I personally find this diet sucky at losing fat/my midsection for me)
    I'm thinking if it might be bc of the B-Vitamins (and possibly aminos) in the proteins and that my liver seems to be beat and/or working hard constantly. I frequently read that people with Hepatitis/liver damage need a high protein diet.

    I can imagine it being an interference in your life.
    With all my weird health symptoms,fortunately that's one I don't have and don't hope to get on top.
    Years ago,before I knew about all this,I was at a Dieticians clinic and always when eating the prescribed meals I would always feel like I was about to pass out after the meals too. I occasionally was already seeing these black spots before my eyes,like what happens right before you pass out. It was very scary......and that stint is what ultimately led me on the path of the world of health accompanied with its many diets.

  • Oh haha that does sound scary, my reactive hypoglycemia is more like an uncontrollable urge to fall asleep. I feel tired all the time and sleep doesn't help. I have low bp and low sugar and everything I read points toward me being prediabetic+high insulin resistance. Ive been told a keto diet helps this but going too low on carbs is not a good idea for me right now.

  • The keto/lowcarb diet and (pre)diabetes/insulin resistance is quite a topic of discussion. There are some people out there who advocate it as a tool to reverse diabetes,while there are also lots of proponents of it stating that you'll only make your metabolism worse. Just yesterday I read a couple of comments from Matt Stone (180degrees health), where it seems that he's veru anti-keto/low carb and that people will only make themselves worse metabolically.:/
    I honestly don't know what to do/eat and trust anymore...

  • I will look up Matt Stone, thank you. Its difficult bc most of the insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia info assumes you eat a lot of sugar and have high blood sugar and high blood pressure....I'm fighting passing out from low blood sugar/too high insulin/who the eff knows. I wonder how much of this is genetics, I have grandparents who had NAFLD. Honestly I think the problem is all the health guru stuff out there is male body centered. Not enough female info. I've been turning more recently to wise women herbal remedies, reading about that.

  • True,especially the keto stuff is mainly male centred as most of the men seem to thrive on keto. The only woman I can think of who's truly ketogenic (for years now) is Stephanie keto Person. She has some good info,one of the things she advocates (unlike BP and most other health gurus out there) is that people,especially when starting,should eat 3 meals a day and not do all this fasting crap and stuff. It's something I'm guilty of not doing myself.
    I do eat something immediately when I get up,but I think you can hardly call it a substantial meal...more like a snack.
    A 'normal' eating pattern is something I just can't seem to get it together. (well what's 'normal' anyway...)

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