How to stay bulletproof in Cabo for Spring Break

Whats up guys, im in college and im going to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for spring break. I don't drink often and stay incredibly bulletproof normally. I have accepted the fact that I will be drinking a lot and also probably eating foods that aernt the best. While I will attempt to stay as bulletproof as possible with my food, I cant get around the alcohol. Any tips for staying bulletproof while traveling?
My current plan, ONNIT total primate care - one packet in the morning/ one a night
one pack of four sigmatic cordyceps/chaga in tea in the morning
4 pills of glutathione each day
4 pills of calcium d glucarate
digestive enzymes/probiotics/orgeano oil when eating questionable food
bringing activated charcoal, just dont know the best time to use it.

Hope you guys can help, and stay bullet proof.



  • I always travel with a bottle mct oil. You can counter some of the bad side effects you get from sugar and carbohydrates.
    You also need mct oil to make bulletproof coffee. Butter and Coffee is more commonly found on the road.

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