Do Yellow Bug Lights emit Blue Light? (they look awesome)

My partner doesn't like how red lights make her feel. So I tried getting some yellow bug lights. From what I gather on the internet they don't emit blue light but are closer to blue on the light spectrum than orange or red. Would they still be effective for sleep light hacking?

I must say I LOVE the look of these yellow lights. They don't have the harsh red look. They have an amber glow very similar to a fire. It makes me feel like I have torches lit in my home.


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    Red and amber lights are commonly known to not emit blue light. Yellow lights are occasionally mentioned. Anyone know for sure if incandescent yellow "bug" lights emit no blue light?

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    You would need to see a light spectrum analysis for the bulb.
    Some manufacturers publish this info.

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    I think you stress a little bit too much, like I did in the beginning of "hacking" light and here is how my thinking changed:

    My philosophy of thinking about this goes as follows:

    Ideally - yout take purely red LED lights with a fixed spectrum - due to family, society, technology, job, kids.. WHATEVER u will never live in a perfect no-blue-light environment most likely...
    This can stress you out... HOWEVER...
    what about the fundamentals?
    Check out this funny postillion post:

    Imo you don't really have to, nor should you worry about light if:

    -You plan to go to bed in a pitch black room at latest 11 pm
    -You turn off the TV/Laptop/phone(set alarm beforehand) i.e. "all screens" at least 30 minutes, better 1 hour, ideally 2-3 hours before that
    -you then have amber/orange/red lights on and do wind-down-routine where u maybe do reading, journaling, talking...

    and then u just sleep.

    I feel that by stressing out about this and that exact wavelengths here and there etc. one can easily forget the fundamentals of just not being in front of a screen until right before we want to sleep and also just going to bed before 11 pm.

    Kind Regards

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