Hello all

I've been reading more in depth about biohacking recently and figured it couldn't hurt to join the forum. About me:

I'm currently a pre-med college student, in my second year with the toughest classics (organic chemistry, physics). Back in high school I turned my life around by cleaning up my diet to a primal one and paying more attention to exercise and self-care (particularly sleep). However I find school and life throwing more demands at me, so figure it's about time I join the big boys. For example I recently had an organic chemistry test that I was feeling a bit insecure about, so studied with laser focus for half a week. No breaks except for other classes, eating, exercising, and sleeping. I was surprised I managed to pull it off, and I got a 97, but was pretty gutted for the next couple of days. I hope to learn how to pull off a more consistent high efficiency.

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