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Hi guys, been on a cyclic low hi carb diet for about 3 years, its essentially a modified BPD no carbs in the day, train and hit the carbs..
I've had some results back showing hi LDL and very low HDL. I was wondering if someone with better knowledge than I had could evaluate my resutls.. Due to the bulletproof diet my CRP is very low, I have very low inflammation in the body.. another thing thats low is my testosterone, I have been playing with SARMS recently, so that could be the reason.. and they will creep up maybe I need to incorporate a PCT into this.. Or maybe get on the TRT.. Im from the UK so the units are different, hope thats not an issue.

CHOLESTEROL *6.15 mmol/L


TESTOSTERONE *7.06 nmol/L 7.60 -31.40
OESTRADIOL 37.4 pmol/L 0.00 -191.99

I'm considering stopping the BPC in the mornings.. Maybe doing some more intense IF. also i need to clean up the carb part of the day.. Considering substituting cocunut oil with olive oil too, be good to hear your feelings on that one.. Maybe I need further LDL investigation as maybe its not such an issue, especially seeing my crp being low (not show, dr told me ive asked for the numbers)

Any help would be great thanks!!

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  • These are the comments from the dr at medichecks..

    We note that you are taking this test as a general health check.

    You have normal red and white cells. Some of the results are slightly abnormal; however these slight abnormalities in my opinion are of no clinical significance.

    Your clotting cells are reported as clumped which normally relates to difficulties in taking your sample.

    Your kidney and liver function are completely normal showing no indication of disease or inflammation.

    You have healthy iron stores and normal body proteins.

    The lab. couldn't measure your HbA1c for diabetes. I understand that our office has been in touch about this.

    Your cholesterol profile is abnormal with higher levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol than we would like to see. You have low levels of protective HDL cholesterol and you should aim to modify your diet and lifestyle to see if you can bring down your unhealthy cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in your diet.

    We recommend cutting back on saturated fats (red meat, butter, cheese, etc) and adopting a low GI (glycemic index) approach to carbohydrates - a good resource is

    Cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. I would suggest repeating this in 3 to 6 months time.

    Your CRP level is low showing no signs of inflammation in the body.

    You have healthy thyroid function.

    Your testosterone result is below the normal range. If you are experiencing symptoms (which can include low libido, erectile dysfunction, difficulty in gaining and maintaining muscle mass, and lack of energy) you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

    If this is your first testosterone test we suggest repeating it in 2 weeks with an early morning sample (testosterone levels are highest in the morning). If it remains low, or this is a second low test result, you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

    Dr Sarah Skennerton

    Based on your Sports Hormone Check results we recommend that you have the following tests:

    • Cholesterol Check in 3 months
    • Testosterone within 1 month

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    I'm going to disagree with Jason Miller on cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol isn't an issue and doesn't correlate with higher risk of HD.

    Also, cholesterol doesn't come in "bad" or "good" forms in nature. Cholesterol is cholesterol. It is just called different things depending on what is doing at the time. Your body produces higher cholesterol as an adaptive response to shifting health and needs. Lowering LDL itself isn't the issue. But, figuring out and dealing with what is causing your body to up your LDL is.

    High cholesterol just isn't an issue. In fact, lowering cholesterol seems to raise death by all causes as well as raises your risk of HD.

    If you want to naturally control cholesterol levels, take some niacin (B3). There is nothing known that is more effective in lowering "LDL" and raising "HDL". Perhaps you're not getting enough? Hard to say, but 100 mg, 3x daily (with food) is a good idea for many reasons. This is just one.

    Just stick with regular niacin (gives you a flush) and not the other forms, like niacinamide (not at all effective for this) or inositol hexanicotinate (not very effective at all for this), and avoid the "slow release" forms altogether. Just basic, regular nicotinic acid

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  • Hey, I came to this page after searching for some medichecks reviews. I would like to buy some blood test kit but wondering if they send same day result?

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