What are your Thoughts on Melatonin? I was thinking about trying it since you can find it for a relatively low price.


  • not a good idea to take at all imo. it will throw your body off. there are other effective sleep aids.

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Agreed not a good idea unless you are in some special situation. Your body makes its own melatonin depending on your environment. Fix your environment first. Like don't use blue lights after sunset, this includes tv, laptop and phone. In other words good sleep hygiene is important.

  • dimming light in the night is the best, but to add some melatonin you can just eat some sour cherry. You also get some extra sugar for the night what also benefits you sleep

  • Most melatonin is sold in too large doses. Read some studies. Apparently you only need 0.3mg but they will sell you 3mg.

    I 'microdose' on melatonin as 1 part of my sleep strategy

  • It is the PEAK that counts. You need a melatonin PEAK that acts as a time stamp, a sorta calibration standard for your body. When you are younger you have a large melatonin peak that signals that it's time to sleep. When you get older you lose that time stamp and the body doesn't sleep so well.... signalling that it's time for your body to start the process of dying!

    You need to take about 1mg of melatonin 1 hour before you go to bed. That way you emulate the melatonin peak that the younger folks have. It has to have the right bio-availability as well. You don't want the melatonin released too quickly or too slow. You don't get extra benefits by using more than 1mg. You might overload your pineal gland. Apparently, selenium works well with melatonin. Look up Walter Pierpaoli.

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