Brainwave Entraintment Question.

Hi all!

So, I use couple of Brainwave Entraintment software. Some has tracks that overlays the BW beat, like sea shore sound ect. So my question is, should I specifically concentrate on the BW beat?, or the overlay? Or Both if i can--bit difficult to do that.

Thanks for any input.


  • hzahza ✭✭

    What's your targeted brain state? Is this for sleep, anxiety, IQ, etc? Do your overlying tracks have subliminals or hypnotic scripts or something that would make you want to concentrate on them? Generally speaking, BWE shouldn't require focused attention.

  • @hza said:
    What's your targeted brain state? Is this for sleep, anxiety, IQ, etc? Do your overlying tracks have subliminals or hypnotic scripts or something that would make you want to concentrate on them? Generally speaking, BWE shouldn't require focused attention.

    Hi Thanks for the reply.

    Most of my priorities are just Anxiety reduction and Meditation. If there's affirmation scripts, I understand I must concentrate on the voice-over.
    There's no subliminal scripts (as far as I know), but maybe somewhat hypnotic sometimes. Yes, they say concentrate on the sounds but won't say which sounds specifically--the underline BW or the overlay. And Btw they say, do not concentrate on any other stuff while listening to the Tracks.

    What are your recommendations?


  • hzahza ✭✭

    OK, an anxiety session is probably intended to be done eyes-closed, right? Of course this depends on what software you're using and what they say about it, but from what you've said it sounds like they just want you to pay attention to the audio without getting distracted in other stuff like reading or using your phone or whatever. There may be a slightly stronger effect from paying direct attention to the beats, but for the most part, as long as you're not mentally tuned into something external to the audio, the degree of difference between focusing on the beats or on the soundtrack isn't going to be that significant.

    Meditation could be done both ways, I suppose, depending on your practice. In that case, put your attention on whatever your practice stipulates (breath, external object, mantra, etc) and have the BWE audio at a comfortable but clearly audible level.

    Bear in mind that BWE is unreliable on a session-by-session basis, so if you don't get a perceptible effect from any given session, that doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. Sometimes it just doesn't work--the brain doesn't always cooperate. That's been my experience going back over the last 15 years, anyway.

  • Anxiety sessions are sometimes advised to be listen eyes closed and some tracks can be listened eyes opened or closed, as they mention on each track. (In my experience they does work to some degree btw)

    Meditation sessions are also same as above. Some are with visualizations, including some off Anxiety reduction tracks. I also meditate daily without the BWE S/W, so it's relatively easy to concentrate also onto the breath along with the BWE meditation track. They actually mention to do that way, if your mind wonders excessively during the session.

    Yes, I don't do anything external other than listen to the tracks when I listen, like you mentioned. -- like when I'm meditating without BWE.

    I think now I'm clear about the BW and the overlay. many thanks to your sincere explanation. :smile:

    **One more question: Is it ok to listen to tracks that's WITHOUT visualizations, WITH visualizations via visualization creating players like Winamp? This is mostly for the long term BWE course I'm following (7 months -- each track must be listened daily for a month). Coz, it's boring listening to the same track everyday for a month. (?) Unlike above program, which is "on the spot" BWE, this long term program haven't specifically mentioned if you can listen with eyes opened. They passingly state "Just listen with eyes closed", like when you say to someone to listen to an ordinary calming music with eyes closed. **

  • hzahza ✭✭

    To the last question, I'd think it would depend on the targeted brain state/activity. Anything lower than Alpha would be really difficult to produce with eyes open, and even Alpha is a lot easier with eyes closed--it's an automatic response. If your program says explicitly to listen with eyes closed, there's a strong chance that it won't be effective otherwise, whether or not they choose to go into any detail about it. Do you have contact info for them? The vendor always has the final word on what you should or shouldn't do.

  • That makes perfect sense. Yes, maybe they want you closed eyes coz your brain needs to go into the Alpha state. They say "Just close your eyes" so i'm not certain. I'll try to contact Support, and ask them.

    Thank you very much for your support hza!
    Namaste! _/_

  • I use mine to help calm my daughter (with autism) at bedtime, and it works like a charm-- even though I do use an overlay. (Note: I do turn the overlay at a lower volume than that of the actual waves.) Whether it's the actual beat or the overlay that ultimately calms her down, I don't really care because it works, and obviously is not placebo at her age and with her condition.

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