Can I do this for the long haul?

Working on the third week and finally feeling great. Plenty of energy in the evening. Also, weightloss of 1.7 pounds over 5 days. Looks like it will be 2 pounds for the week. YEAH!! I had not been able to diet for longer than 3 months. But, this is pretty easy. Each week I add something to learn how my body reacts to foods. This week was a handful of high fat, mixed nuts. I learned they dont stop my hunger as good as seeds. My diet is pretty simple:

  • BP coffee in the morning
  • ginger tea and coconut oil at til lunch
  • 3-4 ounces of meat and 2-3 cups veggies for lunch
  • Sparkling water all afteroon. One or two tbsp of coconut oil if needed.
  • Mostly veggies for dinner. 1-2 ounces of protein if needed. Feel best if night protein is not meat-ie nuts or seeds.
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