Peptides to RESTORE JOINT CARTILAGE? | BP Podcast #378 (James Poliquin)

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in Episode #378 (

James and Dave talk about the usage of certain PEPTIDES for Biohacking.
For example SARMS (


and that made me very curious... also about a Peptide that James used to REBUILD CARTILAGE. And he claims that "most"/a lot of professional soccer players used this peptide for this reason.

It starts here:


Can anyone decipher/hear exactly which peptide he mentions?
I would like to do some research on it and maybe help my father with a painful hip :)

Kind regards and thank you


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    You can find all the peptide names in the transcript,
    " But I think that the peptides are very exciting, especially some of the stuff to regenerate collagen, cartilage, like BPC-157, the TB-500. I’ve seen a lot of my students who’ve for reason X, Y, Z they’ve torn something with their meniscus and they go on peptide therapy and then their lives change because they can finally get out of the pain. One of the things I really like, unfortunately, they stopped making it in [inaudible 00:24:28] was Actovegin, which was basically-
    Dave: How do you spell that? What is it?
    Charles : A-C-T-O-V-E-G-I-N. It’s a veal blood extract, and pretty much everybody that’s famous in the world of soccer or track and field has had Actovegin injections. "

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  • Thank you so much guys - I did not think of the transcript - my bad.

    Implementing the video with a time stamp did not work, so for everyone interested: the discussion starts about minute 15:00.

    My research so far has been that all of these compounds are used to heal "acute" injuries, like torn muscles or tendons...

    But might actovegin also heal worn out cartilage in hips for example?!

    Kind regards

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