WellnessFX practioner says stop taking Iodine?

Hi all,

I just had my WellnessFX phone consult, and I was surprised by the kind of information I got from the doctor. First, he said to stop taking Iodine because it can make your TSH thyroid marker go out of whack (mine is currently 8.89). The doc said most people have enough iodine and taking too much is not good. I started taking Iodine because it was recommended on this BP page ([https://blog.bulletproof.com/optimize-your-supplements/]).

Also, I was very surprised at how anti-Bulletproof the doctor was. He said he had heard all the arguments for both sides and he recommends that I stop all saturated fats, cut out as much fat as possible and that it all comes down to calories when losing weight.

(Honestly, I've felt my best following the Bulletproof diet, and I sort of checked out after the doctor said those things. I could have gotten that kind of advice from my own doctor for just the cost of a co-payment.)

Because WellnessFX is promoted by BP and vice versa, I thought that their practitioners would at least share some of the same principles. I was very disappointed.

Thanks for any replies.



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