Vitamin D, short sleep

Hi everyone. I post here because lot of good articles about vitamin D are published on bulletproof.

Here's the story. Two years ago (and before) my sleep was about 7 hours or 7 h 30, in duracy. I gained fat, resolve the trouble (leptin resistance), and loose fat. My sleep then passed from 7 h to 6 h 30 few months after (so 1 year and half ago), and to 6 hours about few months ago (in end november 2016). I've become more sensible to blue light. For example, my iphone with light to the minimum was harmless to my sleep, not now (since end november).

I supplement myself in vitamin D. Since three years my level is the same (around 40, or a little more to pass 50 I never go through the roof (like 80 for example).

The fun fact is : if I take vitamin D, even in the morning, my sleep duracy for the following night is shorter (so I take sometimes big dose when I've to wake up the next days, like to take a train). It wasn't the case when I've started vitamin D supplementation.

This make me think that I've somehow exhaust a Vitamin D co-factor.

  • I've tried to supplement my self in magnesium. It's also shorter my sleep and destroy my stomach, so apparently it's not magnesium.

  • I try today Vitamin K1 and K2.

  • Methylcobalamine wasn't successfull, but I will retry it, in case of.

So, I was wondering if anyone can suggest me co-factor of vitamin D that I didn't think about.

Also, if you have any other suggestion I obviously take it. If someone have encountered the same phenomenom (vitamin D causing shorter sleep), I would be glad to heard about it.

I begin to be a little desesperate about my condition, so I take any idea that I could test :-)


  • I had some heartburn yesterday night, so I drank a glass water with baking soda. I slept very well ...
    I am thinking that the alkalinizing effect of the body result in a better sleep.

    Maybe you can try it ;)

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Well have you thought about the natural way to get vitamin D? If there isn't much sun around there are lamps with the correct light frequencies to make vitamin D.

  • Getting vitamin D without the accompanying sunlight is very likely to confuse your circadian rhythm.

  • What kind of dose are we talking here? Are you taking the vitamin D with fats? if not feel free to assume you're flushing most of it into the toilet anyway.

  • Hi !

    I was taking 5000 UI, otherwise I take something like the usual prescription for two weeks, like 70 000 UI. The two make me having short sleep if I take them.

    It was the supplementation to get good level before using sun light. I don't really focus on taking vitamin D, but I consider this mostly cause it's a symptoms, and I think there is maybe something to learn of it.

    Vitamin K2 doesn't change anything. Like magnesium. So I think it's not that :/

    Hmmm, baking soda, I will give it a try perhaps :)

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