Has anyone tried the Neurominer program?

If so can you honestly say you notice a difference after 30 days?


  • Hey,
    I bought it but have not finished 30 days!
    I am through the 7 days of each of the "preparation modules"...

    The music, combined with a 'complicated' task, definitely "works" in that depending on your general stat when u start, you get tired to you really fall asleep.
    So I guess it can't not work in the sense that it definitely trains you on remembering things and staying awake.

    Measuring "real" differences is difficult I guess... The stated goal is to be "more creative" and to have insights etc. but how do you really measure that?
    By suddenly coming up with the next uber...

    As far as I could reconstruct Dave was brought to help to create Neurominer by remarks of Tim Ferriss in one of the recent podcasts where Tim talked about the importance of COUNTING something, as can be seen in many meditation/mind practices throughout history.

    Dave then event went so far as to re edit the podcast later and fill in an audio snippet talking about Neurominer.

    I am sporadically and happily using the Holosync soundtracks as a compliment to my otherwise daily TM (transcendental meditation) practice and find the effect of the tracks quite interesting.

    If anything I find that sometimes in my self talk or when writing things or thinking about things the 'information' flows a little bit easier out of my brain onto the page or into the words I think in my head. ...
    But I also haven't started the "hardest" part of the Neurominer program yet...

    I actually have the urge to procrastinate that because it actually is a hard thing to do that robs you some 'willpower' I guess.

    Are you doing it or are you just asking?

  • I'm thinking of doing of it but want to hear people who actually done or our doing it and want honest opinions. Does it work or is it working for you? Is it not? Etc etc

    What's people's experience with it?

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