coconut butter instead of grass fed butter?

So I was thinking about replacing the grass fed butter with coconut butter (for taste reasons) you think this would be alright or would it be overkill since the brain octane contains the same MCTs as the coconut butter kinda sorta ? Is the grass fed butter giving me something significant that the coconut butter wouldn't?

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • I know that gf butter has some Vit K (or K2?) in it that I dont think would come from Coco Butter.

    Although you could still get the same effect from coco butter. I feel like it's a fat source thing, as in it would be fine to do straight Octane if you could afford to do that, but butters are the next best, economic option for high amounts of fat in a soluable substance..

    I may be completely off base here, I'm still learning a lot myself, but that is my opinion

  • IMO the important thing is to just make sure you're consistently consuming large amounts of high quality fats and to make sure you're getting a wide variety...

    I use whichever fat(s) I happen have on hand... Coconut butter, cocoa butter, grass fed butter, coconut oil, and I just ordered some brain octane but I prefer that in my matcha tea since I recently stopped drinking coffee past noon, and after that I turn to matcha for its slower-release caffeine-boost.

    This is to say nothing of the oils and fats consumed during my meals (EVOO, walnut, grapeseed, sunflower, avocado). A few days a week I'll also pop some krill oil capsules just to cover any bases that I missed :)

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