Dizzy and intoxicated?! After BPC

Has anyone had the experience of drinking bulletproof coffee and feeling not only dizzy after consuming it but also drunk? I have been drinking bullet mproof coffee for about a year, and four-ish Times over the last six months I have randomly had these spells of dizziness and disorientation. The reason I say I felt drunk is because I would say and do things that normally would get filtered while sober. During one of the instances, I needed to drive but did not feel safe driving in that state. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, but due to my insurance it's simply a traditional physicians assistant… She's probably never heard of bulletproof coffee.

I am not sure I have ever been in ketosis.. I read the previous poster who said this cloud happen when you go into ketosis too quickly. I am not sure it was that.

Please point me into any resources that might help. I love my BPC and I don't want to give it up! Thanks


  • I'm trying BPC for the first time and I feel very intoxicated. I'm not a coffee drinker so maybe my body just needs to adjust, but I don't think I could drive right now either.

  • I just had BP coffee for the third time only. This morning at 7:30 I took my blood pressure. It was 136/72. I drank the BP coffee at 7:50. While washing dishes at my kitchen sink I had a severe case of dizziness. I sat down, took my blood pressure. It was 167/72 at 8:45. I'm still feeling dizziness. I'm a healthy 63 yo female.

  • I ended up being diagnosed w hypoglecimia. I was given a glucometer to use when the issues are happening-- I had sugar as low as 50 at some points. This was related more to the intermittent fasting then the BPC. Also a few things in my routine were contributing- coffee and cinnamon both keep blood surgar low (not what I needed) on the days that this happened I had normally had 2 cups of cofffee vs my normal 1 cup.

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