Keto OS

I've tried around a dozen or so pre-workouts over the years-- I do a lot of HIIT and train Muay Thai and BJJ nowadays. I took Keto OS after a giant cheat meal yesterday(fried food- pizza- reeses) after eating 100% BP for about 3 or 4 weeks straight. HOLY MOLY. I didn't measure my ketones or anything like that, but I took it around 6:00-6:15 and ran 3 miles to warm up- felt faster than usual- jumped rope for 15 minutes- felt way easier and breezier than usual- then had this lazer like focus in technique and technical sparring. I know Dave mentions several times that these compounds may contain formaldehyde so maybe some coconut charcoal before or after might be a thought, but I just thought Id share this with you guys. I weighed 214 before the binge- 222 after and was back to 215 after my workout. I'm working to cut weight for a June 30th fight I have at 185 lbs. Oh and the binge/ cheat meal was 4,000 calories +. Had to share as this is my first time taking ketoprime and I've been in fat-burning mode for around 9 months. Just- wow.

PS- I was fasted preworkout except for a cup of BP with 2 tbs Brain Oct and a table spoon of BP Ghee around 4:00- and a packet of KetoOS 3.0 chocolate mixed with Pellegrino at 6. Postworkout meal was sockeye salmon, 12 oz asparagus, tbs of avocado oil and pink Himalyan sea salt. Also sipped on water with ACV, lemon and glutamine throughout the day.

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