Neurofeedback setup suggestions - already have Neuroptimal

Hi all, I'm new here, and have done some searching for NFB systems, but wanted some more recent advice, much seems from 2014-5 here in the archives.

I am super-interested in this area, and put my toes in with a neuroptimal purchase a year ago, split it with a buddy. I have experienced benefits from NO, but also beginning to perhaps see the limitations given its focus. For those in/near Denver, CO, who would want to try, I would be open to sharing the NO unit.

Now, I'm more interested in having a more flexible system for specific issues and protocols.

After doing some reading of the archives, it sounds like is a great place for newbies to do this at home and learn and have flexibility for protocols like TAG synch and such.

I would probably be able to drop $5-10K on a system, and was wondering if it makes sense to get anything more than the QWIZ setup at Brain-Trainer that is the Signature Package Pro for $4,300 or the lay person one for $3700. I figure I would pay for some more training videos, and maybe the tag synch setup too.

A couple of questions -
1. Are there any other systems like Nexus that would give me a lot more capability than QWIZ that I should consider for home training ? It seems the jump from QWIZ to Nexus is $1k to $5k (perhaps much less if used). Or does QWIZ do the trick for somebody in their first 2-3 years of home based neurofeedback ?
2. Is the package at BT the best way to go - or am I simply overpaying for some of the small add ons beyond the bioexplorer, skull helmut etc,

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge - and if anybody is wanting to sell any used equipment in this vein, qwiz, nexus, etc - I would be interested.



  • I recommend the Brain-Trainer + QWIZ package.

    If you have the luxury of more finances available, you can get a coach who can help you. I'm currently working with a person, and he's great -- helped the overall plan with weight, diet, supplements, neurofeedback.

    PM me if interested

  • hzahza ✭✭

    I'm also very pleased/impressed with Brain-Trainer, especially given the outstanding level of personal support they offer (even before you compare it to what you get with most other outfits). If you're prepared to drop that much money though, you might look at some other hardware than the Q-WIZ before taking the plunge.

    It's a great performer at the price point, but the one thing it doesn't do yet (that I'm aware of) is slow cortical potential training (SCP, or what the Othmers call ILF/Infra Low Frequencies); although it has the capability to track the low freqs, afaik nobody has made a design utilizing that ability. There's been some talk about making a design for the Q-WIZ using BioEra, but it's been probably almost 2 years with no results.

    I believe--it's in need of checking out--that all Brain-Trainer designs and their diagnostic app (TLC7ap) are also offered for Biograph Infiniti systems, so you might look into manufacturers like Thought Technologies or a handful of others that will run Infiniti designs and give full SCP functionality. That's the one thing that I really wish I could do with this Q-WIZ, but it would be an expensive upgrade.

  • Hey, I have the Signature EEG Package 4C from Brain Trainer. I used it about 10 times and then stopped because I got a job and was simply too exhausted to do after working (very long hours). I am looking to sell it. It is in perfect working order. Comes with Q-Wiz, cap, all the electrodes, gel, everything. I have the software too and I'll have to see how to transfer license. But I that might not be necessary as it has a USB key that you need to plug in to use it. All you would really need to use it, would be to order a test from brain trainer, where you send they your output and they put together a program for you and send you it. Anyway, message me if interested. I will give you a good discount. I'd rather have somebody get some benefit out of it and get a good deal, rather than have me not use it.

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