Lowest resting heart rate 4 am to 6 am???

I've been using an Oura ring to learn more about my sleep. Actually, it's mostly confirming things I already suspected and helping me to quantify it.

I have had sleep problems all my life (my poor parents). I was diagnosed with primary insomnia 20years ago and have been on and off Ambien ever since. The thing is, even though Ambien makes me "sleep", I NEVER feel rested. The BP Diet has helped me get my blood sugars, lipids and thyroid under control, but I haven't improved my sleep/wakefulness one iota. I really feel like, if I could get that under control, I'd have a total life breakthrough.

So, fast forward, I don't really have insomnia. It's a DSWPD (Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder). If I could sleep from 2 am to noon daily, life would be awesome. But, life doesn't work that way, especially if you have children and you work in accounting. Using an Oura ring, I have confirmed that my lowest resting heart rate is usually between 4-6 am. It's "supposed to" be around 90 minutes after you go to sleep. (I try to sleep from 10pm to 7am). I have tried a bunch of different things (morning light therapy, blue light blocking, melatonin, magnesium, ZMA, morning exercise, afternoon exercise, hot shower, cold shower, yoga) but I can't get that metric to budge. Also, I often measure 0 minutes "deep sleep" but I'm not convinced that's accurate.

Has anyone had any success in moving their lowest resting heart rate to an earlier time?

Thanks in advance!

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