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Hey all, I'm trying BP Coffee for the first time. I'm not a coffee drinker, as I usually experience negative effects with caffeine (headaches, sleepiness, disorientation, upset stomach). I will continue my trial for two weeks or so. I made sure to use organic coffee, kerrygold butter, and extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. My goal is to experience the sustained energy and brain functioning. I'm a 30 year old male in good shape and I try to keep my sugar intake under 40 grams a day. After my first try with BP coffee (about 30 minutes ago), my experience is this: It's delicious. I had a quick burst of energy (felt a little drunk) and after about 10 minutes began to crash like usual. Jitters are here like when I usually have caffeine. I'm pretty tired and the headache is creeping in. Is this normal for first time use? Any tips from people who have symptoms like mine, or is this the normal adjustment my body will make? Thanks for the responses.


  • @ADBottini

    Some people are sensitive to coffee/caffeine. You appear to one of those individuals. Dave Asprey has hyped the idea that if you have mct oil and butter blended into coffee some of the negative effects do not occur. He also suggest that you should try his coffee. If BPC doesn't work for you don't force it. Eat a normal breakfast or substitute the coffee for something else. Maybe tea, yerba mate, hot chocolate.

    What have your other BPC experiences been like.

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  • @Bull of Heaven
    Hey, thanks for the response. You are right, my body just can't handle that much caffeine. Day 1 was pretty bad, and Day 2 was worse. My heart rate usually rests around 50-60 bpm and shot up to 130 while I was laying down. I couldn't focus on anything without becoming dizzy. I took a break from it today and I feel much better. I was hoping the fats would help the caffeine metabolize differently, but I will try usuing green tea tomorrow since it has significantly less caffeine.

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