How much fat is too much fat on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?

Hello all!

I have been trying - very unsuccessfully - to follow the RFLP for a while now. I follow the guideline to the tee, but by 4pm my stomach is growling and the hunger pangs are stronger than my willpower.

I'm well aware of how harsh this is on your body, but Dave says: "The fat on this program makes you feel MUCH better than you do on a fast or a low fat diet. Most people can continue to work (in office jobs) at normal levels. In fact, most people feel like rock stars, with even more energy than normal." He also says: "expect to feel really good, to not miss food, to have great energy, and for it to not be that hard to stick to."

This is not my experience at all.

I then went to the forums to see what other people were doing, and I found this discussion that suggests more fat to curb hunger. It's not strictly related to the RFLP, but in the intro for the protocol, Dave does say that we can "drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as we like in the morning". I usually have 1 cup of BC in the morning and a second at 1pm; both with only one tbsp of butter.

I feel if I were to make BC with two tablespoons of butter, I might not be so hungry and be able to follow through with the program. But I worry whether that would be_ too_ much fat, and that it will defeat the purpose.

What are your thoughts? More fat to help me stick with it? Or is that pointless?



  • More fat is definitely OK. I've read through all the comments under Dave's original post about the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. Someone asked a question very similar to this. He said that you can drink as many BPC's in a day that you want as long as you sleep at night. I believe his recipe for each is 1 T butter and 1 T coconut or MCT oil. I'm currently on this as well and I have 5 BPC's a day. Each one has 1 T unsalted Kerrygold butter and 1 T either coconut or MCT oil. It keeps me satisfied and the weight drops off effortlessly. Hope that helps!

  • Thats good to know about the amount of BPC...I wasn't sure how much is too much.

  • Well,...
    how much air to breathe is too much air to breathe?... You'll breathe exactly as much and as deeply as you'll need for what u are trying to do.
    The more of what u really want is in each breath (% of oxygen) the less you'll breathe. The more dirty the air is the more you'll breathe (+you have unnecessary stuff in your lungs now)

    The same goes (roughly) for calories.

    The point is to reset your bodies biochemistry.
    If you give it what it wants and needs in a clean form you won't have unnecessary stuff in/on your body (excess body fat around organs).
    You'll be healthily and joyfully self regulated :)

    (Clean) fat is so great because it is pretty self regulatory. You'll instinctively know when it's too much (UNLESS YOU MIX WITH SUGAR)

    The fastest way to lose weight?
    Stop eating. Simple as that.
    Eating/drinking fat / Bulletproof Coffe will not make weightloss faster...

    It is just a way to ease you into
    a) ketosis
    b) calorie reduction

    So by regulating the amount of fat u drink you can simply regulate how hard or easy you want your caloriereduction to be


    Some might argue that, let's say you were to drink 5000 calories per day from bulletproof coffee that you might not lose weight.

    This is definitely debatable since the body is no bank account...

    It is very likely that you would loose a lot of the calories, unprocessed through your stool instead of storing them.

    Don't forget: the whole point is to train your cells metabolically to use more fat in a resting state (especially your muscle cells) and force your body to empty out the fat cells that are built around your organs, in your liver etc. to live off of that.

    When fasting you actually ARE on high fat diet because you are then powered by the breakdown of your stored fat.

    Adding fat / ketones through what u ingest is just to make it less hard for your metabolism / psyche.

  • Also:
    Are you taking any supplements?
    I'd assume vitamin C and everything else suggested in the protocol?

    What helped/helps me GREATLY to get into ketosis is Acetyl-L-Carnitin (1000 mg)

    You could try that, taken in the morning with your coffee.

    Have you ever endured it past 4pm?
    Or do you break the diet?

    How do you break it?!...

    If you break it with sugar YOU ARE SELF SABOTAGING ....

    You will HAVE to find 1-3 days (maybe weekend?!) where you endure THAT EXACT POINT... because that might be the point where your homeostasis is rebelling against 'finally' switching into another metabolic state (which is hard for the body)...

    if you keep breaking there and hormonally disrupting the fat metabolism through what you eat (sugar?!) you annulate what you started.
    Try going for a walk then.

    The 'magic' really usually kicks in after 2-3 days where u are in full ketosis and could probably even 'survive' happily with just water instead of BP coffee.

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