Carbs too low?

Hi girls

Dave has mentioned once or twice that women need a bit more carbs than men (I think it might have something to do with menstrual cycle).
I have last few pounds of fat to lose, but as we all know it's very hard to get rid of this last 5-10 pounds. I'm currently on 23% body fat, so it's literally only 3-4%.
I would like to go very low on carbs but I don't want to mess with my hormone system.
Do you know any good article or podcast where Dave/people who practice ketogenic diet explain what's the sign that you are too low on carbs, how not enough carbs can affect women?

Thank you in advance


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    Idk but personally my sleep quality suffered, I'd get my 8 hrs in but never felt rested, and my eyes felt dry all the time. This was with refeeds every 3-4 days. I read somewhere its best for women to eyeball carb intake based on menstrual cycle, higher carb towards the beginning and low carb towards the end. iirc the reasoning had to do with how the hormone lvls fluctuated, we're more insulin sensitive beginning of the cycle and less so the closer to magic time you get.

  • I think you can go really low carb for a few days, but then you've got to add the good carbs back in to reset your ghrelin and leptin. Otherwise your body is stuck with the hormones at the higher weight.

    I was just talking to my amazing functional medicine doctor about this and she said for some people it's every four days and others can go 15 days.

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