Red Meat Disease Promoting?

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I love the bulletproof diet, I just cant understand why there is any controversy.

Everything seems so simple when Dave explains it.

I would love to know what the ins and outs of this study are, anyone?


  • This was an epidemiological study. The only thing that should come from this type of study is a testable hypothesis, not concrete results. That would be sloppy science.

    I think these should answer your questions:

  • Thanks for the info friends, highly appreciated.

    All I know is if I follow the bulletproof diet I feel better and look better.

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa and it was only after hearing Tim Noakes talk about paelo on a talk show that I even knew something like this existed, it really got my attention. I dont think there is a scientist I respect more than him, so if he says check it out thats what I am going to do.

    After reading the links above I can see how important it is to educate oneself to understand what "scientists" are saying.

    A critical mind is critical!

    Thanks Again.
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