Marathon Training

Has anyone followed the BP diet along with intermittent fasting while marathon training? I have a marathon in 2 weeks and have been following an adapted version of the diet. Having BP coffee for breakfast and a smoothie with either grassfed whey or collagen protein. Wanting to hear experiences from others.


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    I'm an endurance athlete too and use BP coffee / BP principles. In my experience BP coffee is an excellent pre-workout fuel, providing your training is aerobic / lower intensity, so around Z1/Z2 to low Z3 heart rate/pace. (Long run pace, maybe up to marathon pace)

    Couple of caveats for heavy training loads I've found if using BP diet: (By heavy I mean everyday training, 1 to 2+ hours maybe more)

    -Don't be scared to add carbs during workouts, particularly if long (1.25 hrs plus) or higher intensity (interval) type workouts.
    -Don't be scared of higher GI carbs, particularly after workouts to replenish glycogen, as a marathon runner, this is key
    -Don't try and be keto, I'm not convinced a super low carb diet plus a high volume of training is a good idea
    (Sure keto has many health benefits, but you won't see many decent marathon runners on it)

    Generally, in my experience, go BP all the way, but strategically add the carbs in and around workouts. The type of carbs, timing of them and amount all really need to be tailored to you and your goals. Experiment, see what works.
    A lot of this is common sense, understand how your body works, fuels, recovers and generates energy and then apply logic to your fuelling strategy. Fuel is different to food, use fuel around your workouts and high quality / nutrient dense "food" for the rest of your life.

  • I have been training for my first marathon. I generally run in the morning and never take anything but water before and during the run. Will be taking some sodium on longer runs. I follow intermittent fasting and see no reason I cannot do a whole marathon with just water. But I'm running for distance more than pace. Maybe at higher pace this wouldn't work. Currently trying to hit a 10 min/mi pace. Longest run to date is 16 mi. I have an 18 mi this weekend. This am was able to keep a 9:50 pace through 9 miles.

  • @lewiskd100 - Do you have any suggestions for what are the 'best' types of carbs to add into your workout and when for long runs? I'm sure it needs tinkering, but would love suggestions! Something like GU gels or whole food? I'm guessing you don't need them every 45 (which I use to do pre BP diet), but feel like I do need something.

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