Bulletproof Coffee causing ulcerative colitis to flare up


I've been trying hard to figure out why this is so, but making bulletproof coffee exactly as it is supposed to be made inflames my colon and can put me into a flare over a week or so of daily use. Yes I use the BP beans, GF butter and I slowly increased the amount of octane oil until I got to 1 tbs per drink. I'm on several gut healing supplements and take good quality probiotics. I also follow a lower carb SCD version of the paleo diet. I've tried many modifications to the BP coffee to try and make it work for me - like I've used ghee and/or coconut oil instead of the butter and octane oil. I've made it weaker too. It doesn't matter what I do! Along with the increased gut inflammation, I start getting extremely tired and foggy about an hour after drinking it. I think it's safe to say that I simply don't tolerate it and need to avoid it completely, but I wasn't sure if I was missing something big here.



  • I get GI issues and energy crash after drinking BPC too quickly. If I stretch my morning cup of BPC across 0.5-1 h, I get a much more even and lasting state of alertness and no GI issues. Not sure if that applies to you, but that is the main thing I have found making a difference.

    I also use the Bulletproof grass-fed ghee instead of butter, as I did my research and found ghee might be healthier, easier on the gut, and have less impact on cholesterol levels. I never tried it with butter, though, so I cannot say for sure whether ghee vs. butter is a definitive factor.

  • Abe_RAbe_R

    Lipase cycling could help if you are having issues digesting that much fat. Based on a search there is that and one more digestive enzyme people take for this. I have also read online that these are naturally occurring and your body should adjust to the fat intake without you taking them, you'll just have symptoms until you adjust.

  • Abe_RAbe_R

    Betaine HCL, is the one I forgot sorry for double post, no option to edit.

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