Working a night shift 10pm to 6am

Hey guys

I have recently taken on a virtual role with a company based in the USA. I am in Australia. The hours I am required to work are 10pm to 6am, their working day. I was wanting to know any hacks that I could implement to ensure I get a great quality of sleep. I will be sleeping from 9am to 3 pm and if I need to I will grab an hour between 9pm and 10pm.

What's your thoughts please?



  • I've had great experiences with sleep masks and Velcro blackout curtains (blackoutEZ is the company, I believe). I've also used a product called "lighten up!" (Found on Amazon), it's a controller, you use it with any incandescent lamp to simulate a sunrise, it's fantastic for winter months or odd schedules.

    Laboratory support staff by day, personal trainer by night

  • Thanks mate. It's not the fact that I cant sleep but more if I am only getting broken sleep. Say 2 stints of 3.5 hours each day instead of the solid 7.

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