So Hungry (and Tired) ...

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but there is no Intermittent Fasting forum so here goes ... I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee in the mornings a few weeks ago. For me that means two tablespoons of grass-fed ghee, homemade from Kerrygold butter; two tablespoons of Brain Octane; and coffee from a Nespresso machine; all blended into delicious froth with an immersion blender. Ketostix say I am in ketosis, but that is not translating into the suppressed appetite or mental clarity that BPC promised. Instead, I find myself starving to the point of distraction; additionally I have had days where I feel nauseous and have pains in my upper stomach.

On the sleep/alertness side, once I break the fast - I try to make it until 1, but I usually succumb around noon or so from sheer hunger - for the rest of the day, I find myself falling asleep around 60 minutes plus minus after I eat, at whatever place I am sitting. I have long had sleep and alertness issues but this is a new level, and it seems to have gotten worse since I've been doing the IF. I will literally conk out wherever I am sitting and as much as an hour can go by before I am able to pull myself out of my stupor and take a walk or whatever. It usually happens when I'm working, and I'll come to and find the same character printed 15 times across my laptop screen. When I was doing my taxes I drank two more cups of coffee, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, and I was still falling asleep. Today I fell asleep while riding the subway and was woken when my phone dropped out of my hand and clanked to the floor under my feet!

Anyone have any ideas for what is going on, and what I can do about it? This is definitely not sustainable so I'm getting close to the end of my experiment with things Bulletproof. Please help! Thanks!

PS Sorry if there are any unintelligible parts of this post, I was having one of my falling asleep episodes while writing it!


  • One mistake I've made is simply not eating enough total calories. I thought I was eating enough, but when I did the math I found I was wrong. Now I sip a veggie shake over the course of my day that adds up to ~800 calories, mostly from good fats.
    There could be so many other things going on...your gut biome could be part of this, your sleep quality...also it can take time to become fat adapted, even with brain octane.
    Also, ketostix are not the most accurate method to measure. You may want to get an Abbott Precision Xtra meter and some ketone strips.

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  • The total calories thing makes sense, but I ran the numbers and the 400-500 calories from the ghee and brain octane are within 50-100 calories of what I get from my regular breakfast. I did the intermittent fasting for a bit over three weeks, so I feel like that's not it either.

    I'm interested in the other two possible reasons you raised but not sure how to test them. Would my gut biome and/or sleep quality be related to both the hunger and the energy level, or does one match to each (presumably gut biome to hunger and sleep quality to energy level)?

    I looked up the Abbot Precision Xtra Meter; the device isn't that much but it seems like the strips could add up quickly if you are using them to test a couple of times a day (say, 9am and then again at 11 or noon). What is the most strategic way to use them?

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