Please help this recovering addict...

So I've been following thee BP diet...BPC every morning...I'm taking BP Iodine...Next week I will have one year clean and sober. I haven't been able to lose any weight and it's super frustrating. Which is probably what got me in my head with negative thinking. It's like why bother. I'm going to AA meetings, I have a sponsor.
What can I do to hack my brain to get me out of the danger zone. I feel like I've come so far. I feel weak and not sure what else to do to support my brain.
It feels like I am swimming against the rough current.
Any ideas or advice greatly appreciated


  • I am also going through recovery. Nice job on 1 yr, keep it up. I am coming up on 6 months. I find that a lot, sometimes seemingly excessive true mindfulness meditation does wonders on my emotional state. Also ketosis helps me feel better in general which helps me manage life. Look up youtube vids with jon kabat zinn for meditation guidance.

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