Pulsed electromagnetic fields for sleep

I enjoyed the recent podcast #401 on pulsed electomagnetic fields. Dave said that if he put the paddles on his head he felt like he would be ready to go to sleep. Has this been researched?


  • JohnRJohnR
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    Personally I had horrible insomnia for 3+ years after my daughter was born early. I tried a bunch of different things, and ultimately found that laying on a PEMF mat (specifically the MRS 3000 which is now the iMRS 3000) for 24 minutes right before bed and 24 minutes first thing in the morning made a significant difference in not only the quality of my sleep, but my level of energy the next day.

    I don't have any quantified data to support this.. but I have tried a LOT of things that did not work.

    There are other PEMF devices out there on the market that are significantly less expensive. I got lucky because my chiropractor has one in her home office... and I happen to live with her, so I got to use it for free. If you're wondering what took me so long to use it if it was sitting in my house the whole time... she did not know what it was or what it could be used for. When I had randomly tried it before for 1-off sessions I did not notice any improvement.

    After using a $20,000 PEMF device that was at a cryotherapy place I was using, They gave me the book "PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health" to read for more info. While it seems to be well documented, it is essentially, an advertisement for the iMRS3000. Upon reading that book that is when I realized we had the MRS3000.

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    Yes the iMRS 2000 helps wonderfully for sleep...It was actually the first thing I noticed when I got an MRS 2000 way back in 2007. And it has helped me since then too.
    Because it uses both 3 Hz (evening) and .5 Hz (night) pulsetrain frequencies which are theta/delta respectively, it helps the brain to entrain to those relaxing and sleep related brain rhythms.
    But for clarity it is called the "iMRS 2000", not iMRS 3000. There is no iMRS 3000.
    First it was the Vitalife MRS 2000 back in the 90's for two generations, then in 2005 it became the Mediconsult MRS 2000+ Designo (but everyone referred to it as the MRS 2000), now it is currently the iMRS 2000.
    I think the confusion is the old BEMER was BEMER 3000.

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