Wearable (Fitbit etc.) recommendations?

Can anyone give their opinion / recommendation on what type of wearable activity tracker to go with? My wife is looking for one. I thought I would post in here and ask, rather than try and do the research and be encountering biased reviews by people promoting goods for their affiliate commissions and whatnot. What do you recommend?


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    I have a FitBit Charge HR 2 and I like it a lot. I guess it depends on what your wife is looking for in an activity tracker. I've been pretty happy with my FitBit overall, though I could stand to use it more. It counts steps, floors climbed, measures heart rate, offers a sort of HRV function (that I haven't used much, but that my wife really likes), and more. It does more than I need, probably, but for the price it's hard to go wrong. There are cheaper and more expensive options out there, but for me the Charge HR 2 is a good happy medium. It holds a charge pretty well and is easy to use, also.

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  • Thanks, guys!

  • Wife loves her Oura ring. She likes that it goes into airplane mode when it detects you are asleep.

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    Just saw the Helo LX on The Today Show. Does anyone have any insight on it. Has any bought it? Does it work?

  • I had a Fitbit Charge HR and liked it, but now I have the Alta HR and really love it. I use it for everything, but especially like its newest technology for sleep tracking. The Charge HR claimed to track sleep but was not very accurate. The Alta gives me breakdowns of times awake, light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. I've been using the info to tweak my BP nightcap. The only thing I'm sorry I don't have is a stair counter, which the Charge HR did offer. I also like the slim line of the Alta, though, so on balance I'm really happy with the switch. It's harder to fool, too! :) On the whole, I think Fitbit is constantly perfecting their technology and it's probably a good idea to upgrade regularly to take advantage of it.

  • I got a flex 2 because I swim sometimes and the sleep tracker is good. Also as far as light emission it is really easy to block it using a piece of electrical tape. My primary concern with other sleep trackers was that they emitted blue light.

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