Alternative to caffeine ?

Currently I'm trying to escape caffeine contents from my diets as much as possible. I research about Macha green tea, it contains a few of caffeine content also. Is there any alternatives to make BulletProof drink? I still can use Brain Octane / MCT Oils and grass fed butter on my drink. Just the present of caffeine must prevent.



  • You can make the bulletproof coffee recipe with green tea instead. It's not quite as strong but it gets the job done. Yerba mate works well as well. Just make sure to seep the tea longer than usual before putting it in the blender with the fats. Seems to taste better that way. And the ideal temp for green tea is 180 degrees, not boiling.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
  • Matcha tea would even be very beneficial since it contains a lot more polyphenols and l-theanine then regular green tea :).

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