Hello everyone. Im new at this forum and therefore I want to introduce myself. Im a 33 year old girl ( or women) :smiley: I have competed in fitness since 2008. Last year I was diagnosed with leaky gut. I had to toss all of my carbs through the window ( almost litteraly). Last month I heard the Bulletproof podcast for the first time, and I found everything I have been looking for. Im a nutritionst, personal trainer and loves everything about health and nutrition. So this was like come "home" in a mysterious way :)

Now, to my question. I have purchaised almost every supplement that is recommended by Dave and Mark, and of course all the books. In my country its not that easy to buy grass fed meat- unfortunately for me. We have ecological chicken and meat, but thats not the same. How can I get rid of all the bad things in the meat? I take charcoal before bedtime, but is there anything else I should or can supplement with my meat? Or another question; is there any other protein sources I can eat, that is cleaner, even though its conventional? I can`t eat eggs by the way....

Thanks for your time and reading. :blush:

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