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I am a wellness consultant and have introduced BP to many executives representing many different companies and am having some fairly good success with helping them execute a more productive and healthier lifestyle. I am investigating ways to integrate BP into a population level program so the employees can gain the same benefits. If you have heard of others and/or have any thoughts on this I would appreciate your feedback. I am very excited because BP as a method of lifestyle design helps many reap immediate rewards which can inspire a population on a day to day basis.

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    A few years ago there was a tremendous thread on these forums. I forgot what it was called, I tried to search, but since they upgraded the forums last year, its difficult to search for things. Anyway, the premise of the thread was people sharing stories about trying to convert family and friends to BP, paleo, or just a general upgrade of health consciousness. It was a very interesting thread because it demonstrated how hard it is to get people on board with some of the nutrition and lifestyle changes that are suggested in the BPD, even if someone interacts with a person who demonstrates positive effects from its implementation.

    The reason people resist upgrading their health consciousness are simple.

    First, People want convenience, they don't want to have to be a scientist in order to implement a diet program. Folks may argue that BPD and paleo has science and research backing it up. Most people do not care. The fact that people consistently ask about what foods and drinks will break their fast indicates that many will only go so deep into the background information of how BP principals are suppose to work. Another FAQ: I've been on the BPD for a while now,my cholesterol numbers are high, what do I do. That is a tough spot, especially when there are only two options: change diet or start medications. It is a challenging because it is in fact hard to get your knoweldge to the level of where you have an actual understanding of whats going on in your body. With this idea in mind, some have argued on the forum that between the BPD Book and infographic/roadmap,those are the only tools required to be successful, that by following those guidelines your golden. Generally/probably that's enough, for those when the going gets tough, like in this high cholesterol question, what are they to do when the homework is assigned? Ask the forum...duh....

    The second reason people resist has to do with motivation. Humans are creatures of habits. Many people can function on the standard american diet reasonably well. How do you convince those people to change. The only people interested in health and nutrition (generally) are those who have had some health crisis/issue or for what ever reason it becomes one of their obsessions or hobbies. But for the standard american or westerner, what are they to do, other than eat unconsciously or follow some fad diet program. I was fat, sick, and addicted to a shitty lifestyle; ripe, out of college with a degree, living at home, working at McDonalds, couldn't land a nice job and move out. Fortunately I saw JRE with Dave and it helped to transform my life. I lost 80lbs, quit some shitty habits, I became inspired and motivated to improve my life and did. I landed a nice job, moved into my own place and life moves on. Why others can'y seem to have transformative experiences, I don't know.

    To finally address your question, of how to integrate BP on a larger level. If the audience is upper middle class, educated, and motivated you probably have a chance.The problems which I lay out in my two points. Broken down in to two questions. What happens when things go wrong? How do you motivate people, to convince them that they can in fact feel and perform better? What will you do about that?

    As far as integration, if I was a business owner I would develop a sort of track your health and wellness incentive program. Get people to track their health markers, doctor visits, weight, blood pressure, other health screenings. Program participants would receive health coaching for free to those wishing to seek alternative health advice, I would also make deductions to participants health insurance. How to actually implement with privacy issues I don't know.

    At my most gung-ho for BP, I envisioned a brighter future for everyone based on a total nutrition/food and healthcare revolution. My enthusiasm for Dave and his brand has steadily declined since my introduction and familiarization with his media. I don't know what the future holds. A part of my lack of enthusiasm not only for BP brand, but alternative health/nutrition as a whole has been from not converting my loved ones to take better care of themselves through my example. If you can't lead family by example, how can you lead strangers by preaching?

    I wish you well. I hope your enthusiasm for sharing health and wellness never fades and that you succeed. I hope you are able to help those whom need it the most.

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