Encourage and/or Enlighten Us Newbies in Bulletproof Diet + I.F.: What have your results been?

Hi there,
I am relatively new, had my first BP coffee at the downtown Los Angeles cafe beginning April, and tried BP IF, not with BP diet - for a couple of weeks. Didn't notice much of a change, but did enjoy the BP IF. For whatever reason, I am not finding too many reports of weight loss results from women on the net. For those who have done it, what have your results been like?


  • I am pretty new myself. I feel as though the plan is more about feeling great and not as much about weight loss. I think as you eat the correct food for you according to the plan you see some weight loss.

  • I did now nearly 3 weeks of very strict BP diet with IF everyday and protein fasting once a week . But I have not lost one pound even though People has commentted my skin is looking amAzing. Within 3 weeks, my y cholesterol and LDL has gone up while HDL has come down.
    I wonDer whether anyone has lost weight the first 2 weeks

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    Are you just drinking the coffee or doing the diet/eating plan? Fasting, intermittent or not, is not the best thing to do for all women. I personally only did the diet(and I didn't even stick to it that hard, I mostly winged it) and noticed a changed within a week. Decrease in body fat, body composition. I don't weigh myself.

  • Do you have to blend the coffee or can you just stir it in? Im new obviously. Thanks.

  • I'm new to this also, and lost 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks -- and that's never happened on any other diet! I stuck to the 2 week diet religiously and made the coffee exactly per Dave's recipe. Of course, now that I am being a little more liberal with the starches and fruits, it is coming off much more slowly. I lose a pound or two each week. So far I'm down 35 pounds and have a ways to go. Still, for me anyway, that's a good thing, considering how long I have been obese. I still look awful, but inside I feel better (and strangely happier) and my clothes are looser, so I just keep on ignoring the mirror and sticking to the diet.

    Regarding the blending of the coffee -- Dave recommends using an electric blender so that you get a nice head of foam on the coffee, which makes it a lot more enjoyable and gives it the feel and appearance of a latte, though it doesn't taste exactly like a latte. Not bad though - actually quite pleasant once you get used to it. Be sure to use unsalted pastured butter.

    I guess we just have to be patient and stick to the plan because for a lot of people, me included, weight comes off in spurts. I'll go a week and lose nothing, then next thing I know 2 pounds have come off. I don't know why it's that way. We are all different in how we lose/gain weight. If I stray off the diet, I put pounds back on fast - I mean really, really fast. I found this out while vacationing.

    Wannabegenius - I'm not surprised your skin looks amazing. It noticed it on my husband and I too. I think getting rid of toxins and molds in our diet explains a lot of that. We started this together, primarily for health reasons, and we both feel so much better. We are both losing at about the same rate too. I haven't had my cholesterol levels tested - I think I'm afraid to do it! Good to hear yours has improved.

  • I have also fasted and stuck to the BP diet but have only lost 2 1/2 lbs. I feel better and am much more lucid. I will continue this BP way of Life.

  • Hi All. I've been at this thing for 6 weeks now. @rforester, yes you do have to blend the butter MCT oil into the coffee. In the book Dave does a whole thing on the why's.

    I lost weight more slowly than most, and am down 10 lbs total. I don't have that much to lose overall (20 lbs is my net goal) so that may be why. I am eating strictly from the Green areas, and have only done 3 carb refeed days in total as I gain 1-2 lbs on these days and that is quite a buzz kill. I also am sure to cook my kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts and am only eating wild salmon, organic grass-fed beef and lamb. I am also unable to excercise at all on Dave's plan due to residual side effects from a brain surgery 5 years ago, but I do move as much as possible to avoid a sedentary life.

    10 days ago I started using the Lose It app to track my food as I had hit a plateau at 139 lbs. I did find that I am consuming approximately 1200-1350 calories a day. Nutritionally I was 75-80% fat, 12-15% protein and <10% carbs. I increased my protein up slightly, cut out a few avocados a week and lowered my BP coffee to 1 &1/2 TBSP of butter/ghee and MCT rather than 2 TBSP. This tweak keeps me at 68-72% fat 17-20% protein and 10% carbs most days.

    Since implementing the change I lost 1 lb and then gained it back......

    Any suggestions? Should I have my hormones tested to see if there is an underlying issue?

    Another interesting note. Since starting I have noticed a decrease in BO after sweating, the skin on my legs is dry and flaky even after moisturizing, and I have unquenchable thirst, especially overnight. I have been taking K2 and Krill oil for a long time, just introduced Magnesium and have Vit D on its way.

    @rforester said:
    Do you have to blend the coffee or can you just stir it in? Im new obviously. Thanks.

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