Mold and Toxins

Hey guys,

I am based in the UK and looking into sorting out our environment. To get someone in to inspect for mold is around £350 and if you have mold then a lot more to remove.

Is there a way to test for this myself buying a specific kit and then removing it if the results are positive?

I've seen a couple of kits but the reviews swing from one extreme to another. So can't really work out if a kit is worth buying and if they are accurate.

Would love your thoughts and feedback.




  • Hello!
    I have been thinking the very same thing, I would like to test my home.

    I was thinking of buying or making some agar jelly and Petri dishs online and following instruction on the web for buying a kit.
    The testing bit I'm not sure about.
    I assume mold would be obvious, strains is an other story.

    Please let me know your thoughts


  • I ended up doing it myself. Goggles ,mask and disposal bags.

    I contacted three companies via Google and not one came back to me. I spent time documenting and sending images.

    Not sure if related but later than day I had red marks come up on my face and have lacked energy since. I'm ok for a few hours and then heavy fatigue kicks in.

    If you can I would get someone in that knows what they are doing to be on the safe side.

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