Hospital Hacks?

Next week my 4 year old will have open heart surgery, the estimate is 2 weeks (last time they said 5 days and it was a month- I hope it doesn't scale). I will stay at the hospital with her.

There is not much chance of me getting out to get food/supplies and my husband will be 5 hours away with our other toddler.
Refrigeration is limited and no cooking options (possible microwave?). I am a terrible stress eater so I am trying to plan so I can be at least moderately successful.

I have my supplements divided into AM/PM Baggies
I have a stick blender, Brain Octane and Ghee (plus a mason jar to mix in)- Collagen Protein on order

Has anyone used a silicone pour over for coffee? Worth getting one?
Considering the Collagen protein bars- I have never tried them and I am hoping they don't suck. Opinions?

There are 2 or 3 Starbucks in the hospital so I can get the hot water. Generally this is where you want to find food too because it is actually edible but unfortunately most of it is super carby.
The hospital cafeteria has overpriced, tasteless prison food (and lots of sugar treats, high carb options). I will pick through it as best I can as far as food. I know I can get cheese and hard boiled eggs.

Bringing: Jerky, Dark Chocolate, Zevia Soda (keeps me from eating sweets)..

Any other ideas?

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