Stomach Ache from Coffee (not MCT)

I enjoy Bulletproof Coffee, and wish I could drink it daily, but I get the same negative effects each time I drink it more than one day in a row:

  • Stomach Ache which intensifies with each subsequent day drinking it
  • Feel drained of energy in the afternoon, also increasing with each subsequent day
  • Feel like my immune system is weakening. I'll get whatever's going around if I persist.

It's not the Caprylic Acid (i.e. Brain Octane) or the Butter because I drink 6 tablespoons each of those daily in a non-coffee mixture with no problems at all. The consistent factor is always the coffee, and the effect increases with higher concentrations of ground coffee to water.

I think I've heard Steve Fowkes mention that he can't drink coffee due to a genetic situation, and that it's not an uncommon thing. Does that seem likely to be the cause given the effects I'm seeing?

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