Do you take anything to increase slow wave sleep ?

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...what do you take

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  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    "The mean (SEM) percentage of deep slow wave sleep decreased from 18.9% (1.3%) during early adulthood (age 16-25 years) to 3.4% (1.0%) during midlife (age 36-50 years) and was replaced by lighter sleep (stages 1 and 2) without significant increases in sleep fragmentation or decreases in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep."

    Source: "Age-related changes in slow wave sleep and REM sleep and relationship with growth hormone and cortisol levels in healthy men." (2000)

    fake it till you make it

  • I just posted on noninvasive transdermal CO2 delivery...The diagnostic my physician uses to track my progressmeasures blood oxygenation levels and blood flow at the site of the sensor (usually your finger)...The numbers go off the chart for me. The first night of treatment I slept like a angel and I have not slept continuously for more than 3 1/2 hours in about 22 years...fact.

  • "Between 50 and 75 percent of your daily allowance of growth hormone is produced during sleep. GH secretion occurs in pulsatile bursts on average every three to five hours. The largest such release occurs about an hour after falling asleep during slow-wave REM sleep.
    The relationship between a lack of sleep and HGH production does not end with daily fatigue and reduced physical appearance or performance. The progression that can occur is where more serious issues appear.
    Doctors agree that with reduced sleep, HGH production decline can lead to higher risk factors for other health conditions, such as:
    Type 2 diabetes
    Metabolic syndrome
    Heart disease
    Premature death"

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