Surrendering to oral antibiotics for the first time in my life

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Hello all, is it me or is this forum booming? so many active threads and new people!!
Anyway as the title says, I'm about to surrender to my first oral antibiotic course ever.
Please do feel free to skip to the 'Too long, I'm not gonna read this shet' part at the bottom.

  • Why am I posting this? Because I need your opinion on which antibiotics I should take!
  • The main goal of this course is to treat mild acne, rosacea, as well as mild folliculitis on both the chest and face.
  • The second goal of this course is to relieve my skin from all the slaughter, in the form of topical treatments, it has been exposed to ever since my 17th birthday ( I'm 24 ). This has also resulted in moderate contact dermis and mild eczema; my skin is sensitive and thin, yet it doesn't scar easily.
  • I must note that I have episodes of compulsive skin picking, my skin's health is like a vicious business cycle that has managed to tilt and limit me more than it should have.
    Some people only see me when the cycle is peaking and others only during expansion. During this time, whether it's days or weeks, my skin is able to clear up to be smoother than that of a fresh baby.

Yes, it does not happen often that a man is diagnosed with rosacea, actually I wasn't until I quit Oracea 2 weeks ago.
Currently, I have prescriptions lying around for Duac, Mirvaso, Metrogel, and topical steroids. I'm also told to scrub with Iodine soap.
I treat myself with Altura's facial mask, without vinegar, as well as with numerous supplements and a generally healthy lifestyle on every aspect possible.

My own research
My own research has resulted in the following:

  • The antibiotic should not be bactericidal. ( Mitochondrial stress )
  • The antibiotic should not be a Tetracycline. ( Possible mitochondrial stress; I used Oracea for 7 months already)
  • The antibiotic should have minimal impact on the gut when possible.
  • The antibiotic must be effective with a low chance of pre-treatment resistance.

This basically leaves me with: Nothing
However, my current antibiotics of choice are the families of Macrolides (Erythromycin) and Lincosamides (Clindamycin).
Pros: No mitochondrial impact; little CNS penetration.
Cons: increased reportings of C. Diff as it's resistant and arguably because positive microbes often do not rebound as fast as the evil ones; pre-treatment resistance.

TLDR: What would be your oral antibiotic of choice to treat skin infections, if you'd come to the point where the pros outweigh the cons?

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