Coffee Fruit Tea

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I've been wanting to try out coffee fruit, but haven't wanted to spend $60 bucks on the stuff.

I came across these guys:

But there's some conflicting information on the internet regarding the caffeine content... some are saying it's 3X the caffeine as coffee while others are saying it's 1/4th the caffeine content. (Maybe it differs by the brand?)

For the extracts, I was looking at the KonaRed product, Swanson's Kona Coffee Fruit powder, and the 10:1 CO2 extract from Bad Monkey Botanicals, although what I really want is just the studied "Neurofactor" coffee fruit extract without the fillers (it'd be nice if someone like Nootropics Depot would sell a small bulk powder jar like they do for Longvida & Pomella.) I could probably do without the "Energy Coffee Fruit Extract" in Neuromaster or the L-leucine + rice flour.

Any idea if these "cascara teas" would tend to be rich in mycotoxins or how the polyphenol content of the brew would compare to a coffee fruit extract or dark coffee? If I wanted to get the most benefit from a coffee fruit extract affordably, which product makes the most sense?

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