Is there a "Vitamin-Management" iOS-App? If not, let's build one ...

Hi all,

I am new to the whole brain hacking & bulletproof concept and still trying to figure a lot stuff out. The forum here help me a lot to do that! :-)

One thing I was looking for the past days was an app, where I can manage all my vitamins I am taking. Unfortunately I only found two Round Health & Medisafe. Both are OK, but also have a lot of weaknesses. Is there any other good app one of you can recommend?

If there is not, I was thinking about building an app by myself. But I am also not sure if it is useful for an experienced / long-term bio-hacker. As a beginner it is nice to have a little helper but later, I guess the most of you are taking vitamins for many years now and probably don't need any reminder for that anymore. Am I right?



  • I’ve been looking for a good app like this for a long time – years actually. Maybe it is time to just go ahead and build one. I’m up for it! First thing we need to do is to start collecting the specs for it – but we wanted to do first and then but we want it to do in the second release and third. I’ll take it on. Let’s talk on Slack? I can set up a Slack team and we can get started on this. Let me know if that’s OK or if you’d rather order you something else to coordinate communications OK! Let’s do this thing!!

  • Can I recommend I built it, it's free and open-sourced. The iOS app is coming soon (team is working on it).

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